Free Inappropriate Contact in National Football League Essay Sample

Thesis: The National Football League can prevent serious injuries by placing rules, fines and going after owners for allowing this conduct to take place on the field.

The game of football is one of the several games that are grouped as team sports. It involves the action of kicking the ball using a single foot aiming to make a score out of it. Football is a terminology that is applied on any kind of football. Soccer is divided into various kinds depending on the region and the tradition that thrives in the area of interest. The various types of football involve American football, Australian Rules football as well as the Canadian football in addition to Gaelic football. The different kinds of football are referred to as codes as per the national football corporation conventions and are set to prevent injuries in the pitch.

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There are many types of serious personal injuries in the National Football League.  These are varied and the magnitude of their impact is relative to the player’s effectiveness. This is because injuries do limit the performance of the players. The players cannot go on playing if they have sustained injuries that are severe and they are at most times sent to the hospital where they are restrained on the bed for several months as they nurse the injuries. Instances where some of the players are sent out of the pitch with serious injuries are possible and the NFL takes the appropriate action when such a case happens. It involves the ascertaining the real cause of the injuries and then making the emissary to be liable for what they were out to achieve when they played rough against the other player.

 Injuries are not at all instances intentional and as a result of  the intended are differentiated from the accidental kind through the analysis of how it just happened. An injured player is often sent out of the pitch by the referee and the pitch doctors are given the room provide their services to the player outside the pitch. If the injury is minor, the player may be allowed to continue with the play and instances where it is severe the player is rushed to the hospital for advanced and well set medication. Some of the possible causes of pitch injuries include:

Helmet to Helmet causes major injuries in the NFL

This is kind of injury that is brought about by the players contact from their helmets. It involves one player coming head to head with the other in levels that are alarming and critical such that the output of the collision is sustaining severe injuries. This is because the impact of the head to head or rather helmet to helmet contact with the ball makes the players to be hurt in levels that are alarming and perilous.

Helmet to helmet is the most likely cause of the injury in the National football league as argued by the national governing council. This is related to the ignorance fact by the players reasonably because they are aware that usage of helmet to strike a fellow opponent will hurt the person being attacked and not the attacker. This is the basis in which the players are linked to as they try to harm others by being engaged in the helmet to the other collisions and likely injury cause.

Helmets are used to cause injuries due to the fact that they are hard and stiff when intentionally used. They prevent the player who intends to harm the other in the sense that the calculated effect of its usage does cause injury to the other person at the benefit of the person striking. Thus, the usage of the helmet in the national football league results to majority of injuries.

Face masking shows pulling down on the face could cause neck injury.

Face masking does as well result to the injurious conditions in the national football league. This is because it involves the pulling down of the face which may result to injuries such as neck breakages and twists as well as the dislocations of the respective bones. It is rough for a player to engage him or herself in the act of face masking because at most instances in the process of the game it is done without any care whatsoever. Players just pull and push each other without any proper analysis of the likely misdeeds from their action as they struggle for the ball. Face masking is a potential and realistic cause of the injuries in the national football league as well. It is dangerous for the players to be involved in the practice.

Late Hits shows that it can be very damaging to the body

Instances where the players are involved in late hits results to very critical injuries as well. These are the times when a player comes head to head with another after the ball is already released. This is one of the most injurious times in the sense that the person attacked had already forgotten the instance when the other force strikes. This gets the fellow player unawares and results to serious injuries because their bodies were not set for the matter. Late hits are rampart as well in the National Football League and are equally potential causes of the injuries that the players are subjected to in the game.

The national football league committee and the related responsible leaders have over years discouraged the practice of the late strikes and this has made the players to be more vigilant as they strike when trying to get the ball. As one attacks the opponent he or she is supposed to follow the humanity aspect and attack as per the stipulated methods.

There are reasons why this kind of behavior takes place on the field. It may be due to various considerations that one player may cherish hurting the other. Some of the possible reasons that make one player harm a fellow while they are in the game include:

Negative attitude toward someone can cause anger.

When a fellow player has negative attitudes towards another, he or she would get angry with them when they see them or their team doing great hence spurring him into actions that results to the cause of harm. Having negative attitude results to the underrating of a fellow player and hatred that is not realistic in the game and National League requirements. Thus the player is usually encouraged not to perceive the other wrongly or negatively a thing that makes them to be angered hence resulting to injuries. It is reasonable for players to avoid bad perception of their fellows because in the field and the game everybody is potentially equal and the variations that may be present are out of skills and ability to handle the ball. From this point of view it is deduced that the instances whereby the player may be having negative attitude towards the other results to the possible causes of injury.

Jealousy of another player and their accomplishment would cause anger.

Times when one player is jealous of the other due to their accomplishment does as well result to anger which may lead one player to crave at causing harm to the other. A player’s accomplishment in the game is a possible cause of serious jealousy that may result to the other fellow wanting to implicit pain to him or her. Due to this, the injurious circumstances witnessed in the NFL are made rampart and repetitive. A player who is angered by another’s accomplishment is normally done so by the jealousness of witnessing him or her grow while the he is still in the same position. This encourages him to harm the other without proper reasons hence the witnessing of many injuries in The National Football League.

Drugs are often the cause of anger.

Drug usage and dependency may as well result to anger. This is because the users of the drugs are normally very emotional when they are in need of the drugs due to their dependency and failure to get them instantly creates anger that results to the players craving to harm the other. Thus lack of the drugs in the point of need by the players who are addict’s results to anger that leads to the players causing harm to each other.

Usage of drugs by the players as well results to unrealistic anger and this makes the players to cause harm to others. It is medically proven that the drug users have a tendency of having unpredictable anger and when it arises while they are in the pitch it results to them hurting the others much. Thus drugs usage and dependency leads to anger that causes the players to cause harm to their colleagues.

There are different kinds of injuries that occur when players are out of control.

Concussion may occur from a helmet to helmet contact.

When a helmet to the other contacts happen, it may results to concussions which are the injuries impacted on the brain after the players are subjected to unrealistic head impacts. These concussions may either be mild where the player is subjected to an epigrammatic loss of realization or it can be severe which involve a sustained loss of notice after which their is a delayed loss to the normal aspects of humanity by the players who suffer from it. Thus helmet to helmet injuries may result to mild or severe concussion which is not nice for a player’s career and life after the pitch responsibilities.

A late hit can cause damage to the shoulder, hip or back.

According to Hollander & Hollander,  a late hit gets the player unawares and depending on the areas that were stroke it may result to injuries of the hips where the attack was directed at the opponents foot or shoulder injuries when the player is attacked on the upper torso. In times where the player is attacked unawares from behind, he or she may sustain the backbone injuries. It at many times resulted to spinal cord injuries which see the player spent most time in the confines of the hospital bed as opposed to his like of the game pitch. Thus the late hits have in many times resulted to serious injuries on the part of the persons who are attacked unawares.

Neck injuries caused by pulling of the face mask.

An injury that a player sustains in the neck does result to the pulling of the face mask. This is because the players are subjected to pains that they cannot bare and the doctoral service advocated for the treatments that at the end results to the face mask pulling.

There are solutions to prevent player from purposely wanting to injure another player. According to the NFL officials the following mechanism are adopted to ensure the players who cause injuries to the others are made to account for their misdeeds.

Fine players for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Any player that is perceived to have engaged himself with the conduct that is not acceptable in the pitch is normally penalized by fines. Reasonable fines are fixed for the violators of the pitch rules because out of the violation the unsportsmanlike conduct comes in resulting to injuries.

Set Rules and Regulations.

The National football league has set out rules and regulations that are supposed to govern the conduct of the players while in the pitch. These are supposed to be fully adhered to and a failure to abide by them or their violation is punishable by law. The setting of these rules and regulations was intended to govern the players conduct while on the pitch where the injuries are natured and inflicted on the fellow players. The rules are realistic and practical to the football game requirements and do not favor any player or team but they are fairly supposed to affect all the parties involved. The fairness of the set standards of these rules enables them to be strictly adhered to by the players.

Have meeting with owner/players on the topic.

The National Football League organizers have as well opted at the adoption debates and conferences where the players are supposed to exchange ideas with the other partners regarding the inappropriate contacts in the National Football League. These are meant to ensure that a common goal of fair play is maintained in the Football game to avoid injuries.

Debating on the possible course of action by the players makes them to feel like they are part and parcel of what is supposed to be achieved a factor that makes them to practice responsible play and the setting aside of their differences while they are in the pitch. Thus instances where the players are engaged in the designing of the way forward makes them to play as a team despite the opposing side and these checks the unwanted injuries in the players while in the game.


Inappropriate contact in The National Football League is not only an issue that is critical and needs to be looked at well to ensure that all games are played fairly, but it should be accorded the efforts and resources that are paramount to the elimination of it fully in the national football arena. This is because it results to happenings that are not desirable to both the players and the game itself in addition to the referees as well as the crowds and the national football league. It kills the morale of the game and does bar the players from freely associating themselves with the other a factor that kills the spirit of fair play and nature’s foul play as the feller prior hurt would be seeking to get revenge when the two teams meet next.

Inappropriate contacts between any parties that is a violation of the national football rules in not reasonable and the football partners charged with the running of the sector should ensure that any possibilities of the unrealistic contacts happening are checked. In summary their are grave instances when the inappropriate contacts have happened and led to misappropriations of resources as the mitigation of the impacts is sought in the National Football League and to avoid chances of repeat the matter should be addressed by the seriousness it desires.


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