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I feel honored to welcome all of you in the annual birthday party of our restaurant. Everyone is aware that we specialize in serving Italian food client and our customer base is composed of both Italians and non-Italians. I will start by giving you the historical background of the Italian food culture. This is because a satisfaction of our customers is wholly dependent on understanding of the measures to be adhered to make our dishes Italian.

The Italian food culture involves not only what we see in the menus of Italian restaurants but it what is deep inside the Italian heart. They possess some diet beliefs that go beyond tradition or education. A simple example concerns the Pasta shape and seasoning. Some customers assume that the difference between Dry Pasta varieties is only the shape but the shape itself is something very important to the Italians. For instance, pasta with oil and garlic will never be served up to Italians using any other pasta that is not spaghetti. Non-Italians take cappuccino during any time of the day but Italians will never ask for coffee in the evening just because in Italy coffee is for breakfast! Italian cooking is identified with a few of its global popular dishes, like spaghetti and pizza. Non-Italians claim that Italian cooking is much alike. The truth is that not only each Italian region, community and valley has distinct styles of cooking, but every town has a unique way of making sausage, cheese and wine.

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It should be mentioned that most restaurants selling Italian foods ensure that the food they serve illustrate the diversity of regional Italian cuisines. Whether preparing a quick snack, a simple dinner or a large festive meal for an occasion, you have to adhere to the most important rule of great Italian food: correct and good ingredients. The principles followed in preparing delicious Italian meal are: prepare in advance, strive for balance, cook with a light hand and choose good ingredients. The most common ingredients used in most Italian dishes are bacon, broth, butter, capers, cream, dry pasta, eggs, flour, frying oil, herbs, Italian sausage, milk, mozzarella, olive oil, parmiqiano, pepper, rice, ricotta, salt, sugar and tomatoes. Italian cuisine rarely includes spices, but if used they are combined with fresh herbs, thus, adding flavor to the dishes. These ingredients are used to prepare dishes that represent the general diversity of Italy.

Most knowledgeable and experienced foodies reckon that there are two distinct Italian cuisines: the one found in Italy and the one found in the United States of America. There are marked differences between the Italian food served in Italy and the one in United States. However, the most popular American foods like Fettuccine Alfredo and Pasta Primera, found on global menus are hybrids of traditional Italian recipes modified for United States ingredients. The essence of Italian dishes is cucina casalinga i.e. good everyday cooking.  The techniques used to prepare are generally simple and the equipments are minimal.

I believe that everyone in attendance will agree with me that the meal that we have just enjoyed was a delicious one. The meal has been derived from our menu that contains options specially set to satisfy international standards.

Based on our internal statistics for the last annual sales, the most popular Italian dishes that we serve are:

  • Pasta, with its variety depending on its composition (dry or wet pasta).
  • Pizza is an oven baked, round shaped, flat bread, topped with ingredients such as olive oil, tomato sauce, cheese (two types offered in this restaurant are Neapolitan and the Roman one)
  • Parmesan cheese (Parmigiano)
  • Risotto (fish based or meat based depending on the ingredients used)
  • Minestrone (vegetable and beans soup)
  • Zuppa di pesce (Italian fish soup)
  • Zuppa di cozze (classic way of cooking and serving mussels)
  • Scaloppini Di Vitello (breaded veal scallops sautéed in olive oil)
  • Ossobuca (shin of veal with bone marrow and wine and tomato sauce)
  • Tiramisu (dessert)
  • Parma Ham

I hope that we will continue working together to promote our enterprise and the popularity of Italian food. Thank you. 


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