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One of the most important aspects of the modern society that people are concerned with is the kind of diet that they take as well as the purpose for the food. Depending on the society that one lives in there is a general consensus on the level of body size that is seen as being acceptable; whereas some societies advocate for persons with leaner bodies, others are of the opinion that plump bodies should be encouraged. All these perceptions however cannot be clearly outlined without due consideration being given to the diet that is fed on by the concerned persons. The raging debate is therefore whether there is a need to watch the kind of diet that one takes keeping in mind that the diet one takes plays a very significant contribution to obesity. Instances have occurred whereby the concerned governments have been known to impose laws and regulations for the use and consumption of some foods and substances so as to check the weight of its citizens.

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However the general conclusions on this debate should be based on the basis that individuals should have the freedom and opportunities to eat and take whatever food it is that they wish to take, however they should be made aware of the consequences of taking the various types of foods that are likely to result in obesity; while noting that diets and the associated healthy living are the responsibility of an individual, there is a great need to ensure that the individuals are properly sensitized on the various dangers and health hazards that are associated with these diets and most especially those that may lead to obesity.

The issue of diets and health can also vary depending on the gender; the females are known to be the more observant of their diets as well as the consequences that are known to arise from the consumption of these kinds of foods. The underlying argument is based on the fact that since most of the foods that are known to result in obesity are junk foods; which apparently are a major constituent of the fast moving foods industry, discouraging the consumption of these foods might have a largely negative impact on the economy of the country. There are various personalities as well as groups and movements that are opposed against any regulations that are aimed at prohibiting people from taking certain types of food. This emanated from the reported efforts by certain governments to formulate laws and regulations aimed at prohibiting people to take certain types of food attributed to the prevalence of obesity. Most of these foodstuffs however are junk foods.

Women are the most affected of the sexes based on the fact that they are perceived to use their body shape so as to appear more attractive. Women are deemed to depend on their bodily shape so as to remain attractive to the men; to them therefore watching the kind of food that they eat and avoiding foods that might lead to obesity is an important consideration.

Women are regarded as playing the role of motherhood and wives in the society; they are given the responsibility of giving birth as well as raising children for societal development. Towards this end the women are required to watch their diet as they strive to avoid being overweight as this will lead to their being termed as 'obese' or overweight. The body of the woman is therefore a key aspect that helps them to achieve their targets, goals and objectives in life and therefore there is a great need for them to carefully consider and watch their diet so as to remain in shape. According to the Times Newspaper, the issue of obesity has become a very serious issue as it has drawn the interest of even the politicians and President Bush of the United States even proposed a bill that was aimed at limiting the consumption and use of foodstuffs and drinks that are considered as encouraging obesity.

One thing that however cannot be ignored is the amount of effort that is involved in the process of trying to remain 'thin'. The models, who are an inspiration to many of the modern teens on how they should look actually put in a lot of efforts so as to remain lean and maintain a body shape that will prove useful and productive for their modeling career. It is also imperative to note the amount of income that is pumped into the economy of most of the nations worldwide from the fashion industry. This industry relies to a great extent on the frequent and high demand for various new designs that are regularly designed by the fashion houses and marketed by the models. However it is important to note that for the models, this is a career and they are forced to watch their diet so as to ensure that they do not lose competitiveness in the market.

It is therefore important to consider the real intention of the marketers in the diet and fashion industries in trying to influence the body shape of the women. The real underlying issues in this case are whether the women are unfairly manipulated for the benefit of the fashion houses and the diet companies. Indeed the face of the fashion industry has been constantly changing over time and in the past four decades indeed what has been considered as fashion has shifted from each decade to the next

The media therefore plays a central role in determining the kind of presentation that the women should put up in the society so as to remain relevant and acceptable in the society. They paint a picture of what they refer to as a perfect woman in magazines, newspapers and the televisions as well, the modern teens are therefore obsessed with this called description of the so called modern woman and will go to great extents that may involve them nearly starving themselves in an attempt to acquire what is described in the media as the perfect figure. There is a feeling that obesity is a major concern for residents of some particular sections of the world.

Some states in the United States have indeed been closely associated with obesity for quite some time; however the feeling is that the government is fighting the problem of obesity using the wrong approach.  Instead of regulating the kind of food to be produced and sold and trying to impose taxes on foods that are deemed to encourage obesity, the government should carry out an education program to sensitize the citizens on the dangers and health problems that are associated with obesity. In this regard therefore, the citizens will be encouraged to practice responsible diet balance and to watch whatever food it is that they eat so that they may live healthy lives and avoid the problem of obesity.

It should be the responsibility of the government to ensure that all the citizens are responsible for their wealth and wellbeing, it should not be seen as encouraging practices that are seen as influencing negatively on the role that the people have to maintain their health and ensure that they are free of the health complications that are associated with obesity. The healthcare sector reforms should be formulated in such a way as to ensure that people are solely and personally responsible for their own health.


The general consensus can be built on the basis that the issue of obesity bears grave consequences if not properly addressed and should therefore be given the due consideration especially by the government in the formulation of the associated rules and regulations. These rules and regulations may be aimed at regulating the diets that are taken by the citizens so as to ensure that obesity is avoided. However it is also the responsibility of these same governments to guide its citizens and show them the way regarding responsible living so as to avoid and reduce cases associated with obesity.


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