Free Lifecycle Nutrition and Fitness Presentation Essay Sample


It should be noted that the rate growth of a child at the Preschool stage is generally slow as compared to any other stage in life. Nutritionists have indicated that during this stage a child gains around 4 - 5 pounds and grow approximately 2 inches. This is said to be relatively slow growth, and they have further indicated that the habits and attitude of the child are developed and carried to the later stages of life at this stage.

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Importance of nutrition at this stage in prevention of future disease

It's very important to provide the child at this stage with high nutrition foods; this is because it is at this stage that the child is able to adapt such habits in the future. In addition the child gains the strength that helps them build a healthy and strong body. For instance, diseases are likely to affect a child at this stage and later develop becoming a chronic one. It is at this stage that the child really needs to be subjected to diet that will ensure that their body is protected from diseases and also provided with minerals that are essential for the body to grow and perform its duties perfectly. This will ensure that the child will be have proper health and disease control.

How nutrition affect growth, development, and learning?

Nutrition experts have indicated that lack of proper nutrition affects the child's (learning) concentration in class as the child will be not be in a position to quickly understand what is being taught either because the is antisocial or malnutrition. The child's growth and development will also deteriorate as there is limited or inappropriate distribution of minerals required for the child's body and thus resulting to the slow or retarded growth of the child at this stage.


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