Free Low Health Expectancy Factors Essay Sample

Health expectancies have the purpose of measuring an individual’s health prospects in terms of the years the person will spend in excellent health before facing persistent ill concerns. While the life expectancy is showing improvement in the developing countries, the number of healthy life years is decreasing due to environmental and economic constraints. The necessity to change deteriorating life expectancy universally is a new concept both for world governments and healthcare stakeholders. The goal of the paper is to discuss obesity and lack of exercise as the two main factors that contribute to low health expectancy in developed countries.

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Factors that contribute to low health expectancy


Obesity, according to NCBI is the state of having excessive body fat. Obesity can result in a number of health complications, both physical and psychological. Obesity is increasingly becoming a challenge in the modern developed societies. Obesity is one of the major contributors to lower health expectancy among people in developed nations because accumulation of body fat is agreed as the main cause of cardiac arrest, conditions and. Obesity is essentially caused by poor diet, eating of excess sugar and fats instead of eating plenty of carbohydrates and diet fibers that easily burn calories to reduce fat content in body. Obesity can cause high blood pressure besides depositing fat that clog blood vessels leading to cardiac conditions and heart illness. Further, obesity interferes with insulin causing Type 2 diabetes in adults. 

Lack of Exercise

Exercise enhances the body’s metabolism and increases the mental efficiency of a person. Dismally low numbers of people do regular exercise each day. Professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise each day particularly persistent walking can reduce calories and help the body keep fit. Swimming is among the best strenuous exercise for controlling metabolism; equally, jogging, playing and cycling can help tune the body to attain resilience and immunity bringing about longevity.


Obesity has a lot to do with the eating habits that people adapt. Modern times have seen the growth in the availability of processed foods, which are cheap and tastier, but more harmful to a person’s health. An effort is necessary on an individual level to look for healthier alternatives. People should also avoid as much as possible the trigger factors to bad eating habits such as stress, and lack of planning in the meal taking times.

Body mass index (BMI) that is calculated by taking weight in kilograms, then divided the same by height in meters. Family should be trained to know their BMI in order to watch that none falls into the overweight range.  Exercise is much a matter of personal resolve, and requires commitment, discipline, and determination. The gym environment puts off many people; especially when you find habitual gym buffs, which use the facilities for recreation rather than the significant goal of losing excess body weight. Experts in the field of health and wellness recommend a more comfortable setting. The number of ways in which you can exercise in the comfort of your home with few inexpensive training gadgets and the will to maintain a healthier lifestyle are practically uncountable.


The main contributors to low health expectancy in developed countries are largely lifestyle issues. Sedentary lifestyle most people are leading, which involve the consumption of high calorie unhealthy foods compounded with lack of adequate exercise are making people lose their health in record numbers. Diseases associated with the lifestyle diseases are now at an all-time high. Obesity is a major cause of other diseases such as high blood pressure, which is increasingly becoming a huge health, and economic burden to developed world governments.

For the negative trend to be reversed, people need to make better and healthier choices concerning the foods they consume and the physical exercises they do on a daily basis. Not only will this increase the health expectancy, it will also lower the government’s healthcare burden and keep the labor market in good production capacity.

One thing underlies all the efforts to attain higher life expectancy, and that is a healthy mental attitude. A bright spirit will make sure that the person has an undying will to accomplish his or her health goals and have a higher life expectancy.


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