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The United States of America has come up with an Advocacy Initiative Network to have its citizen's access better services in all sectors of their day to day businesses. One of the Advocacy Initiatives Launched in April 2009 is National Health Information Network. This program is being developed to provide a secure health information system that will facilitate better interaction between the providers of health services, users of those health services and the policy makers in the health sector.
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The program is meant to ensure that information technology is developed in health sector especially in data handling and clinical decision making. The public is to benefit by receiving standard based secure database of their health records, appropriate information and cost effective accurate data. This program had a three phase development and implementation process. The first face was based on designing, figuring out potential challenges and having a responsive framework. This face was followed by trail implementation on the production phase.

A number of public forums were organized to discuss the effectiveness and workability of NHIN program. According to the report released in April, 8 2009 by Michael J. Fox, during the HIMSS conference, it was revealed that a lot of civic education was supposed to be done to sensitize the public on the importance of NHIN program. Another conference is scheduled for February 24 2011 to test on the effectiveness of the program.

The program is however already proving successful. The new data produced by National centre for Health and statistics, January-March 2010 reveals that two thirds of Americans claim to be receiving better clinical and medical services due to National Health Information Network. To me I feel that when the modules in the program are fully implemented, the health situations of Americans would have been taken care of. This program will help create a disease free America.


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