Free Food Choice Factors Essay Sample

Factors that influence the choice of food

There are various factors which influence the choice of food. These factors depend on the health of the individual, taste and preferences, cultural and values for instance the religion and also the nutritional knowledge of the individual. First, the health of the individual is the key determinant to the choice of food to be taken. This is because different foods have different nutritional components which our bodies use at various stages of growth and development.  For instance, an individual may be under prescription not to take sugary foods because of health hazardous sugar has to the health of such an individual when consumed thus an individual will chose non-sugary foods.

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Secondly, tastes and preferences also render an individual into choosing foods which meet the required taste. However, this factor is considered to be the major cause of eating disorders that affect many individuals in the United States. For instance, many individuals like sugary and fatty foods because of their attracting taste. In addition, the same foods are major causes of eating disorders such as obesity and diabetes when consumed with no observation to the balance in the diet components.

Thirdly, culture beliefs and values also determine the choice of food that an individual makes. Some religious groups and culture prohibit their members against taking certain types of foods and in some cases in some stipulated religious periods. However, withy accordance to this factor, an individual has no freedom in making the choice of food regardless of the nutritional components or its hazardous effects to health when such a food is consumed. In addition, it is hard to influence an individual to take certain foods prohibited by the individual's culture and beliefs irrespective of health matters.

In addition, the nutritional knowledge also affects the individual's choice on food to take at a particular time. In most cases, individuals who have knowledge on the importance of some nutrients in their bodies make choices on foods which favor their bodily needs. However, it is practically difficult to have majority individuals in the society who follow their nutritional needs sin the making of food choices.

How can you use nutritional information and dietary recommendations to choose healthy food?

Nutritional informational and dietary guidelines are the major factor that contributes to a healthy living society. It is important to observe the nutritional information on the foods before making the choice of food to take. This is helpful in ensuring that an individual takes balanced diet foods so as to avoid eating disorders which are caused by consumption of imbalanced diets. However, an individual can use nutritional information and dietary recommendation in choosing healthy foods by making a daily schedule of nutritional requirements which will ensure the consumption of balanced nutritional ingredients is followed.

What is important to know about the nutritional value of fast food?

It is important to know the nutritional value of fast foods before eating them. In addition, fast foods are conventional foods which have high chemical components which when largely consumed have negative effects to our bodies. In the United States, fast foods are said to be the largest contributor to eating disorders such as obesity, diabetes and also cancer. However, in order to ensure healthy living it is necessary to observe nutritional components of fast foods before consuming them.

How do you make healthier choices when eating fast food?

In order to make healthier choices on fat foods, an individual needs to be well aware of the health status and nutritional requirements of the body. More also, when making the choice of food one needs to be aware of the raw materials which were used in then food processing. This is helpful because different chemicals are used in the making of these foods and when consumed they have different reactions to our bodies with regard to the chemicals which are already in the body.

Why does the latest United States food guide use a pyramid to organize food groups?

This is because of the rise in eating disorders in the United States and healthy agencies had to find a way to curb the rising situation. The rapid rise of the eating disorder indicated that public awareness on the nutritional components in different foods they consume was low thus awareness campaigns were to be installed as a measure to contain the situation. However, since its inception, the eating disorder amongst then public has responded positively to the campaign which is indicated by its rapid decline over the previous years.


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