Free Obesity in America Essay Sample

Adipose tissue is what is basically referred to as body fat. When this fat is in large quantity in the body it becomes a problem to the person. He/she tends to gain excessive weight and this is what is referred to as obesity. A person being obese is one that has weight which is higher than what is thought to healthy for his or her height. Fat plays very vital role in the body like the production of energy, it serves as a structural purpose especially in women and it insulates our body from cold weather conditions.

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Basically obesity is caused by the number of calories a person takes in. taking in more calories than you can burn can lead to obesity because the body stores unused calories as fat. Taking too much alcohol can cause obesity and even the lack of exercising is one of the major ways of becoming obese. Lastly obesity can also be hereditary i.e. it can be passed on from parents to their children.

Due to the enormous weight of a person, this can become a problem and one may end up developing heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer and premature death. Although fat plays a very important role in our bodies, the quantity and distribution of it that determines whether it is beneficial or harmful to our health. This is determined by weighing the body mass index (BMI) or by measuring the waist circumference.

There are several ways of preventing obesity but one of the most common and effective ways of doing this is by the change of your lifestyle. Changing one’s lifestyle mean changing the way you live and eat. We should be able to exercise our bodies every now and then to ensure that the calories in our body that may be in excess can be burnt out. Another way is to make changes on the food we eat. The food we eat determines greatly whether or not we become obese or not. When dieting, the main goal should be to learn new healthy ways of eating and make them a part of your daily routine. Though this may be hard for some people to change behavior that they have been practicing for so long and therefore they need to be motivated to make lifestyle changes. It may take a long time to change this but its goal is to make a change in the way we eat and avoid unnecessary diseases that maybe caused by obesity or being overweight.


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