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Obesity is a health situation in which much body fats accumulate within the body to the level that it could lead to serious impacts on health. It may culminate to a short life span and high problems of health. The disease catapults the existence of different illnesses especially the ones that are heart-related. There are minimal proofs that support the speculation that obese people often consume a little amount of food and on the contrary regain more weight as a result of slower toxic release. Averagely, people with obesity have a higher expenditure on energy than the slim people because of the energy needed so as to retain a higher body mass

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Causes of Obesity

The causes of Obesity vary from one person to another. The first commonly known cause of obesity is genetics. An individual is more vulnerable to having the disease if both or either of the parents is obese. This is because genes influence the hormones which are used to regulate fat in the body. The second cause for the disease is excessive eating. When one overeats, it results to a gain of weight particularly if the foods have a lot of fat. Research shows that fatty and sugary foods are usually dense and thus contribute to a gain in weight. The frequency of food intake is also another cause of obesity. Reports have been given where obese persons eat less frequently than persons with sound body weight. Finally, when one is physically inactive, he/she can develop obesity. This is mainly because of the accumulation of calories which could be burned by physical exercise.

Effects of Obesity

Obesity have grievous effects on the health of the victims. It always resists the insulin from functioning normally. Insulin is an internal body organ that is responsible for transporting blood into muscle cells and fats which is in turn used for energy purposes. Secondly, it will cause high blood pressure which is commonly known as hypertension. For instance, a study in Norway showed that obesity increase the blood pressure in females much more than in males. Obesity can also result into heart attack. A study in Finland revealed that for every one kilogram increment in the weight of the body, the danger of death also increased by 1%. It also believed that obesity is among the leading causes of cancer. Even though not absolutely proven, particular research has related obesity to cancer of the breast in women, colon cancer in men and women, prostate cancer in men and uterus cancer in women

Treatment and Solution of Obesity

In treating or giving remedy to obesity, one can consider the following factors. First, an obese has to engage in physical activities such as running so as to burn fats in the body. This should be done daily. Secondly, one should do what it takes to lose as little as seven to ten percent of the weight of the body. This ensures that other related diseases discussed above are kept off. Thirdly, improvement on eating habits is also necessary. Variety of food and many fruits and greens would be applicable. Finally, use of anti-obesity medicines like Acomplia is encouraged. The medicine reduces an obese’ appetite and also compliments the diet.

Obesity is a health situation in which much body fats accumulate in the body. The disease catapults the existence of different illnesses in the body, especially the ones that are heart-related. Its causes vary from one person to another but major ones could be genetical, excessive eating, frequency of eating and physical inactiveness. Its effects include: insulin resistance, high blood pressure, heart attack and various types of cancers. In order to combat the disease, an obese should always engage in physical activities such as running, deliberately lose a certain percentage of body weight, improve eating habits and take anti-obesity medicines.


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