Free Open Letter to the Dallas Community Essay Sample

Contrary to what each of us would like to hear, diabetes is a very common disease in our community. Are you tempted to think that Diabetes can affect people other than you? Well, based on the recent statistics, 40% of the people in our community have a high probability of suffering from Diabetes. In other words, when compared to other areas in the country, people in Dallas have higher chances to develop Diabetes. Among other negative effects, Diabetes reduces economic activities in the community.

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My esteemed reader, while there is every reason to get scared by this fact, it is high time that we played a role in solving the Diabetes problem-each of us has a role to play in ensuring we remain healthy. In my health proposal, I establish my solution to Diabetes on my social work experience and advice from my medical doctor friend. While you may not be sick now, I suggest three Diabetes preventive measures that are easy for you to follow and almost cost nothing.

My dear reader, take a few minutes on my website to read about how to keep our community free from Diabetes. I wish you the best.


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