Free Patients with Cerebral Palsy Essay Sample

Cerebral palsy is a condition, considered as a set of disorders, which involves the brain and the nervous system tasks like hearing, locomotion, education, vision, and judgment. It is a compound expression that covers a set of nonprogressive and noncommunicable nervous conditions that result into bodily and or mental disabilities in human growth, primarily in the range of body parts that move. There are a number of diverse kinds of cerebral palsy. These include hypotonic, dyskinetic, spastic, ataxic, and mixed. Cerebral palsy (CP) results from an injury or deformity of the brain. Most of the causes of CP take place as the infant develops in the womb. Though, the causes can happen at any time during the initial twenty-four months after the child is born, as the baby's brain is still in the process of developing. Sometimes, cerebral palsy is caused when some parts of the body are damaged owing to short levels of oxygen in that part of the body.

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Developing infants are at a relatively elevated threat of developing cerebral palsy. At the early stage, of a child develop several conditions can be the cause of Cerebral. These include and not limited to brain haemorrhage, brain diseases such as meningitis, encephalitis, herpes simplex infections, head hurt, diseases suffered by the mother during pregnancy, for example, rubella, and acute jaundice. In a few cases, the cause of CP palsy is never established. There is an ever-growing range of processes of management for signs of Cerebral Palsy and studies are underway to find more. The outcomes of Cerebral Palsy can be managed by a blend of methods, which comprise prescription, professional therapy, bodily and speech therapy, surgery, motorized aids and procedures.

The federal government and the state government both offer children with cerebral palsy help through a number of state and federal run programs. The aid range from Social Security and Medicaid to subsidized rent and loans with low-interest rates to afford the equipment and gadgets that aid the children. Managing cerebral palsy is a challenging task especially for families. The patience, especially children, need a number of services from surgeons, doctors, physical therapists, professional therapists, speech therapists, dentists and psychological well being counsellors. Fortunately, the government at the two levels offers this.

Any cerebral palsy affected child is eligible for application of financial help. They can apply for Social Security benefits. If CP affects a person or a child prior to turning 22, he or she is eligible for Adult Child Social Security benefits. Under-18 children also are eligible for the supplemental Security Income benefits applicable at the local Social Security bureau. Under-18 children with cerebral palsy are admitted with ease to this federal-aid program, which is planned for individuals with permanent disabilities or are too old and weak for employment any longer. A number of ways exist through which the government offers support in Fairfax, VA. For instance, the United Cerebral Palsy Community Resource Funds give emergency funds for living costs and technological requirements. The government offers low-interest, equipment loans, and there are state grants to aid spastic cerebral palsy patients acquire the needed medical appliances.

There are Temporary Disability Insurance programs for mothers who require taking time off from their job to take care for their baby. The Temporary Disability Insurance offers supplementary income from 50-60% of their standard income from for up to a year. Once a child reaches school-going age, the Individual Education Plan, based on the Individuals with Disabilities Act, offers children with a group of therapists and tutors, as well as the correct technological devices to make sure the child learn as much as it can. The government also provides patients with disability caused by Cerebral Palsy with housing aid vouchers and subsidized rent based on their earnings and verified requirement.


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