Free Persuasion Message against Cigarette Smoking Essay Sample

Persuasion entails use of various arguments and logical reasoning to influence someone’s attitude, behavior, intentions and beliefs. Generally many people all over the world smoke cigarettes, without being conscious enough about the negative effects of this bad habit. Considering the message/report posted by American Cancer Society on dangers of cigarette smoking, there is a lot of evidence explaining why it is not acceptable to smoke. There are statistical and factual based evidences. They are based on considering the percentage of deaths and other daily statistics records on those who smoke and who suffer cancer. For instance, the message, providing statistical evidence on the harmful effects of smoking, states that in the USA one adult out of five had cancer as a consequence of smoking, according to the data recorded in 2010. This evidence was proved when analyzing the percentage of smokers in high schools.

The other evidence in this message is that of the experts. The statistics and examples in the message were provided by professionals and people with integrity on their findings. The main source of the research results provided was The Centers for Disease Control (USA), a respectable and well reputed organization in regard to the issue of human diseases. Therefore, the statistics in this message is quite convincing and realistic as the source power is obvious.

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Looking at the number of deaths and diseases caused by smoking, one may undoubtedly notice that this harmful habit kills even more people than AIDS, alcoholism and accidents. This can be determined if to compare the figures denoting the deaths caused by smoking to other causes of deaths like accidents. This evidence is also realized if to investigate the average lifespan of adults and to match the lifetime of women and men.

The message also tackles different health problems caused by smoking cigarettes. These are heart diseases, women’s miscarriages, blood flow problems and, finally, harmful effects to the person exposed to a smoker. These also are some of the evidences supporting the message since they come from a trustworthy source. The message tries to show the side effects of smoking through principles and some specific conclusions on the crux. It deduces that the majority of those who smoke endanger their life and are likely to die untimely.  The message states that 443000 people die because of this addiction annually. It also concludes that smoking related problems deprive a person’s life of quality and satisfaction before death as well as destroy a person’s ability to fully enjoy everyday life activities. The abovementioned deductions and conclusions exhibit a sense of sound reasoning. This conclusion is also meant to bring fear to the hearts of tobacco users and potential users, thus, appeal to give up smoking or prevent new smokers from engaging in the habit. The message also induces shame on the smokers, therefore, increasing chances of smokers’ compliance to the non-smoking message.

Following the statements of the message, one becomes aware that there are rather high chances of acquiring smoking related diseases of various organs. It is stated that more people in the USA are dying from smoking than from any other illness or accident. This notion should be felt by the smokers and should convince them to quit smoking in order to avoid possible if not imminent death or risk of increased morbidity.

Another reasoning process is the validity and acceptance of the source of information provided in the message. Frequently people are positively responding and taking the massages from the authorities to be important. Since the evidence is provided by a governmental department, it obviously will convince more smokers by stating the truth and facts that exist on the topic. The sources in the message are believable, reliable and are from the experts. As a result, this will make many smokers be determined to give up the habit and comprehend the negative effects of smoking.

Smoking female adults are in danger of their average lifespan diminution, which can be even less than the male adults’ average life duration in the result. This message will eventually affect the rate of smoking females. When people find out about the harmful consequences and death because of certain activities, they might change their behavior. This is the use of comparative reasoning. All smoking related health problems do not always directly lead to death, but it affects the life of the smoker in various ways. In as much as many people still smoke, they should consider these effects as being truly portrayed in the message. This is conditional reasoning - if the person realizes that due to smoking he/she is certain to have health problems, the smoker has no choice but to give up the habit in order to be safe and secure.

The reasoning and evidences provided in the message are convincing and factually portray the risk of smoking in an effort to educate, inform and in the process persuade people to quit smoking. In order to find out if the evidences in the message are true or false, one should consider the sources utilized and also the logic behind the message itself. The evidences and reasoning in this message are undoubtedly logical and persuasive. Therefore, the message captures the salient persuasion elements to convincingly relay the message that smoking is risky and, therefore, should be avoided.


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