Free Physical Disability in Identity Essay Sample

Unlike other traits such as race, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender, generational change and the world culture, physical ability and disability is hard to identify oneself with. This is because such traits are defined by the society and they become the center of the definition of an individual. Perhaps the society has defined what the right language is, the preferred race, and the good generation, but it has forgotten to identify the growing number people with disabilities who have their identity and influence function of the society: politically and socially.

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The Disability rights movement (DRM) in the United States has found it difficult for people with disability to identify themselves with ach other. The failure by people with disability to identify with each other has watered down their influence and power in the society thus limiting their function. In developing world physically challenged individual face difficulties such as oppression, discrimination, denunciation and disgruntled which categorically diminish their ability to function according to how the society has defined some functions.

The profound effect of disability varies widely and from one individual to the other. This is because the level and degree of disability vary i.e. it can be physical, emotional or behavioral and it can occur at different stage of life. Since we cannot control or determine our disability, the attitude and behavior of people with disability should be right to enhance their identity and functionality. However, the cultural trend of the county tends to be trivial towards oppression and discrimination, thus the government should be sensitive in lowering the level of poverty, and elevate education access to people with disability.


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