Free Physical Fitness and Wellness Essay Sample

The three articles under discussion highlight contrasting yet imperative issues concerning health and physical fitness. First, California’s Lauren Steussy shares good news about San Diego’s school children’s decreased obesity rates. Conducted by California Center for Public Health Advocacy, the research shows positive numbers in the near future for America’s children. However, Superintendent William Kowba reminds people to stay practical and work harder for even better results because, according to another research group and US military, USA’s national security depends on the youth’s health as obese citizens cannot serve the army.

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In the second article, Vincent Bevins explores Brazil’s health and seemingly obsessed attitudes towards fitness and beauty. The article spreads the word about the growing number of modern and expensive spas and gymnasiums throughout the country and their demand, despite people’s low incomes. According to Brazilians, their culture greatly emphasizes beauty and well-being not just for beauty’s sake, but to ensure long and healthy lives.

The third article goes down an entirely different avenue in the health and fitness category with journalist Ian Cook shedding light on some brave and disabled individuals. He interviews inspiring personalities suffering from various physical disabilities such as dwarfism and wheel chair bound individuals who share their exercise routines. All of the interviewees place a great emphasis on exercising regularly to minimize their disabilities and sharing various types of routines to help others with the same problems.

Most of the time we hear healthcare or fitness news; it focuses solely on negative aspects, raising hopeless feelings and extreme concerns in audiences. What is so great about these three articles is that they catch audience’s attention by focusing on a different health aspect. After reading all three articles, readers achieve a positive feeling and sense of hope which urges them to make practical health goals. Also, a wide range of audiences, including school aged kids, faculty, international citizens, and even disabled people, are targeted, which well-written articles should do. By sharing students’ experiences, other students and schools altogether may be inspired to decrease their obesity rates. Also, by applauding a whole country for working towards better health on a national level, other countries can be inspired to work together and achieve the noble goal. Lastly, by talking about handicapped people exercising, average “normal” people struggling with weight and wellness issues have real role models and success stories to make the impossible seem practical.


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