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Prostate cancer is one of the leading killer diseases for men above 50. What is sad is that the disease can actually be cured if detected in its early stages. It is recommended that all men above 50 go for regular prostate examinations to evaluate if one is sick and get the right treatment if one has the disease. But most men ignore these requirements even in families where men have a history of contracting the disease. This might be attributed to a kind of stigma men associate with the prostate exam especially the rectum based ones. But no amount of perceived shame, for there is none really, should allow a man to throw away his life when the disease is easily curable if the right steps are taken at the right time.

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Society should use several innovative and traditional ways to get more men tested and reduce the mortality rate occasioned by the prevalence of prostate cancer. Various authorities like government officers, corporate leaders and the church should appeal regularly through any possible medium for men to go for prostate examinations. Most people listen to authority figures especially if they make public confessions of undergoing the same examinations to reduce the perceived stigma. The civil society should weigh in on this issue and use civic education to educate men on the dangers and effects to their families if they don’t take the right precautions. Sometimes ignorance is the main issue and the reason for the continued resistance. They might use the testimony of men who found out they had the disease and got cured as a motivating factor in this endeavor. Medical experts should also work hard to find alternative forms of examination. 


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