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Anywhere in the world we come across the world as you drive you come across signs that welcome us to a new town or state. As we move along we find houses or offices I that particular area showing us how huge or small is the population in that particular area. As we use aircrafts we can be able to see how the distribution of the population is. The people in that particular area share a common history participate in its political and economic life. They also enjoy or suffer in its political and social conditions, utilize its services and interact with one another in various ways. Seeking to understand and improve our health as a people living in one area, such features in a community become the center stage of everything that is being done to ensure this happens successfully.

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Public Health

Population or public health is a goal or an outcome-based way of understanding the health and quality of life of large numbers of people. This is where a particular area is specifically examined on a particular health issue. All the research, especially the minor details are carried out to ensure the results are accurate and detailed for further referencing or research. They are carried randomly on specific individuals but the main focus is on the population. Some perceive population health as a new term that highlights the influential law of social and economic forces in combination with biological and environmental factors that shape the health of the entire population.

There are so many health problems facing us as a people and this has become a major concerned not only to individuals but also to the government and the population at large. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (Aids) in particular was and still is an epidemic virus. From its discovery in 1981 to 2006, AIDS killed more than 25million people and most of this deaths occurred in the Sub-Saharan Africa retarding economic, social and economic growth. This is one of the most feared viruses in the world. The discovery of this virus changed the mind set of many people because it shed light on what this pandemic disease did in terms of damage. Many people died thinking that it was some curse from their ancestors. This is just one of the many thoughts that went through the minds of people trying to figure out what made the sick and what was the cause of death of their loved ones.

Due to ignorance many people died as a result. From its discovery till now the number of deaths caused by the AIDS virus have taken the shape of a normal curve. Even though this has happened, the number of people being infected is on the rise again. Research has shown that the number of people being infected by AIDS is on the rise especially among the young people between the ages of 18-28. This has been on the up rise since last year and the up rise is very alarming. Researcher have concluded that many of this young people are more afraid to be pregnant than they are afraid on being infected by HIV. Most of them suggested that they rather have the infection because nobody may discover than face the wrath of their parents when they discover that they are pregnant. This is very devastating and we should ensure that this kind of mentality is dealt with. We should also ensure that parents are educated in order to confront such cases with much care.

World Health Organization has been in the fore front of fighting HIV and AIDS in the world. This organization has put up facilities not only in the United States but also all around the world. Clinics and research institutes have been established all over the world to ensure that the AIDS virus is controlled, countered and eradicated. National AIDS Research Institute (NARI) in Bhosari, NIH-Supported Center for AIDS in Washington, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Kenya are just but a few of the research institutes established by World Health Organization. Other companies have also joined in the band wagon of fighting AIDS all over the world to ensure that no more death should occur due to ignorance or lack of medicine. Initiatives have also been launched by the government and private companies like the Ford Foundation Initiative to Tackle HIV, Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Institute, President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, just to mention a few that have shown commitment to fighting the virus.

These companies have given toward research work and also for educational purposes to educate people about the virus and how to prevent it. It’s still a wonder to still find so many people without the accurate knowledge of this disease. With all the information around us and media, it has become very easy for people to be taught and get information. Since dome people are too ignorant to find out for themselves, such initiatives are put into place to ensure that everybody hears about it. Some advertisements have been put into place just to publicize these initiatives. These adverts are in all kinds of forms i.e.-shirts, banners, internet etc. Most important of these forms of advertising was the word of mouth. As people were taught about this disease, they were also encouraged to share it out with their neighbors, friends and family members.

Although all this kinds of advertising was effective, there were and still are challenges. One of the barriers in fighting HIV is the fact that some areas were inaccessible. Even though people were employed to go forth and educate on this health issue, there are some areas that took a very long time to access. Due to this delay, many became victim. Some did not believe that there is such a thing like HIV. They saw that this was a way of denying them their conjugal rights and therefore turned a deaf ear on this information.

 Since for every fruit there is a root, some cases were different in that they required more than educating the people. Cases like drug abuse where two people could use one syringe without sterilizing it first. In such cases, the addicts were first rehabilitate and the taught how to prevent themselves from getting infected. As a result of such cases, the funds that were supposed to be used for a particular task went a long way than expected, causing a shortage in the funds distributed. Most funds were not given directly to be used but some were given out through the government. This made it hard for the money to be used as intended due to corruption. Because of incompetence in the office such fund came short when they were accounted for and this made it very difficult for well wishers and companies to give away funds even though it is for a just course.

Communication barriers are one of the major hindrances. Many television and radio stations are broadcast using the language that is understood by the majority of people. This therefore means that the minority who do not understand the language are at a disadvantage point. Without proper communication, we cannot assume that everybody is at par with what is going on. We can only be sure that we have educated everybody once they all get to hear and understand what is being communicated to them. We should use all the kinds of languages in order to interpret the kind of information that we want to put across. Therefore it is necessary to educate all races and ethnicities to enable this important message to be put across. Such people are able to educate their families and hence making it easier to spread the information. This will lower the cost of sending people to the extreme areas where language barrier may be a problem.

After some years of making the people aware of the disease, some companies saw it not necessary to keep on repeating the same thing again and again. They chose to focus on other matters which they felt were more argent. By this act alone, it seemed like the disease has become less popular and less dangerous than before. This is not the case because according to statistics the HIV virus is on the up rise again. There are other research institutes that have already started concentrating on the doing research on other diseases and have put AIDS research on hold or on low priority. This act has directed resources on other research and has made it very difficult to come up with vaccines that can be used in the prevention of HIV.

Though WHO is in the frontline of fighting AIDS I strongly believe that the government should be in the fore front to protect its people and to educate them about such matters.

 The government has established institutions to ensure that the health of its people is well taken care of. The establishment of the National Public Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP) is a clear indication that the government should take care of its people. In our country, one of the ways that the government receives revenue is through the health centers. People are taxed highly and incurred very huge bill when faced with health concerns. Most of the hospitals cannot administer any drug or allow any patient to see the doctor unless they have insurance. This is very devastating for those people who cannot afford medicine let alone the antiretroviral drugs. As far as I am concerned, the drugs are supposed to be free but there are some doctors who have the audacity to sell them to citizens who are suffering in pain. The government should ensure that the all the funds received from the well wishers is accounted for. This will not only raise the credibility of the government it also ensures that there is accountability for all the funds that are entrusted to such offices. This shows that we care about one another and that we are concerned about our health as a people.

Although the government has done its best to put up structures and clinics all over the country to ensure that the matter of HIV is being taken care of, I believe that it is high time to do more. Putting up a structure in a remote area is one thing but ensuring that clinic is up and running is another thing.  Therefore when such facilities are put up in a particular location, it should be able to function effectively and yield the required results that are expected. it is the mandate of the health department to ensure that the facilities that are required are up to speed and they are not constrained due to high population to ensure that the facilities are well maintained. Since the number of those affected by HIV is at the increase rate now, we should ensure that the young people should be well informed by the about the disease and the pregnancy.

We ought to educate them on the ways of preventing themselves from contracting the virus also to ensure that pregnancy is prevented. The best way of doing this is abstinence, in my opinion, and this should be emphasized to all. This is the best way of preventing all this according to doctors. It is effective, safe and very secure.  Abstinence is the process where one refrains from sexual activities until he gives himself to one partner in marriage. This has proven to be very hard among the young people and hence the government should ensure that sexual education is taught both in class and at home. This is to minimize the number of students dropping out of school due to unplanned pregnancies or worse, contracting HIV. It should also ensure that condoms are readily available and are distributed free in all college institutions and campuses.

The government should build facilities for the AIDS patients that are in worse conditions and it should see to it that they receive the medical attention that is required. The authorities should ensure that the less fortunate families receive free or at least cheaper Medicare just to ensure that they are able to cope with the bills that they incur in the hospitals. More doctors and nurses should be employed to take care of the victims. This can only be achieved if the government budgets for the people and treat them like people that are important in the community and should be taken care of in whichever way possible.

The community also plays a key role in ensuring that sex education is taught to the youth. This can be achieved by setting guidelines that can be followed by those coming up to maturity. This will encourage the young people to become more conscious of what they should do and be able to make wise decisions on their own as they mature up. Due to the good examples that are set before them by those that whore are more elderly, they can find it easy to follow on their footsteps to becoming better in life.HIV virus is transmitted through various ways and one of them s the use of syringes before sterilizing. The only kinds of people that usually practice such behavior are those that are addicted to drugs. The community and the government at large should see to it that the use and sell of drugs is dealt with permanently. This will not only save lives but also create a better future for those that use drugs. This will go a long way to reduce the e rate of crime and other sectors of the economy. There should be introduction of neighborhood watches/security groups that report anyone who is suspected to sell such illegal things like drugs.

Churches on the other hand should be ready to attend to people that are AIDS victims. The community should show them love, kindness, be patient with them and offer encouragement to help them overcome such moments. This is very vital because the victim is usually suicidal especially when nobody seems to care for them. When we separate ourselves from such people who are our friends and family, they feel alone and once no one is there to show them love, they refrain from the rest of the people making them depressed and this worsens the effect of the diseases in their body. As individuals we should awaken to the reality that anybody can be affected by HIV no matter how careful you may be.

Infidelity in marriages is one of the number one causes of AIDS in married couples. Counselors usually advice people to have one partner instead of involving themselves in multiple relationships. Even though a couple loves each other, nowadays they are usually advised to be tested before they get married. It has become a very sensitive matter and even the church acknowledges it is a serious issue and thus it is taken seriously. Individually, we ought to be cautious of what we want for our future and we should not jeopardize it for something that will cost us all that we have worked for so hard to achieve. We should set our priorities right and stick to our plan. All this can be guaranteed if and only if we are able to protect ourselves from pleasures that may last for a moment and not benefit us at all.


I recommend that the Government should do more to than it is doing at the moment to ensure that HIV is a thing of the past and to ensure everybody is aware of the disease and those that are related with sexual activities and how to prevent them.

The community should be more sensitive to the matter because the future generation may end up being destroyed while they are watching. This is simply to say that the community should set up very good examples for the young people to follow. The community should be able to stand firm in what they believe is right and d start walking the talk. Through this kind of examples, we can be able to look forward in inspiration and not lose hope of the future that is ahead of us. When such attitude and behavior is passed on from one generation to another, we would not be worrying what our future will be like because we would have taught our children the right character.

As individuals we should be preaching the message of love to heal our loved ones and not the message of condemnation. We should be able to show love to those who are infected with the disease. We should see each other as brothers and sisters and put in mind if we are not infected then we are affect. This is so because where we like it or not the AIDS virus is here with us. Until a vaccine is found for the virus, let us take this virus with the seriousness that it deserves. Through the little things we do and share with those who are affected we may be saving lives without even giving it a though. Anyway, AIDS is a killer disease but many have lived longer and happier even after contracting the virus. Therefore, having the virus does not mean the end of life, it only means the beginning of a new life where you can make a difference and prevent someone else from contracting the disease.


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