Free Recent Rise in Obesity in America Essay Sample

The occurrence of obesity, as well as diseases caused by obesity, has increased tremendously fast in America since 1970. This high number of obesity cases has due to the high number of fast food restaurants and low levels of active transportation, such as public transportation, walking and bicycling. Research shows that many people do few exercises after taking meals, and this has contributed to accumulation of excessive fats in the body that result to obesity. These exercises include walking and bicycling, which today people rarely practice. This is because most of the developed countries such as America, most people depend automobiles rather than active transportation such as walking, bicycling when travelling to work and school. This has been a significant determinant of the remarkable increases on the rates of obesity. Obesity has been a silent killer in America and; therefore, intensive efforts are necessary to help in the plight which is obesity. Obesity is a constant condition, of storing fats in excess, in the body. Although, body fat is vital for the efficient functioning of the body, too much of fat is dangerous.

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It was noted that many people take this high caloric food and do less exercise such as walking, which has resulted increase of cases of obesity and diseases cause by obesity. According to research, physical activity produced by active transportation can be useful in weight control. Physical activities such as bicycling and walking can help one expend a considerable amounts of energy in a day. Additionally, use of public transportation such as buses, trains and subways help one engage in walking and cycling to and from the bus stop, which will help in weight control as well as other mental and physical health benefits. The purpose of this paper is to explore the problem of low level of active transportation such as walking, public transportation and bicycling, have caused the rise of obesity in America. It will also explore the reasons why it has resulted to the rise of obesity cases.

The problem of less active transportation such as walking is common in America whereby many people depend on automobile transportation to travel to work and school. One reason for less active transportation among Americans is the busy life that many people have. Many people have more than one responsibility whereby one is a mother or a father, a student, and an employee and the same time. With all these responsibility, one has limited time in a day; therefore, is supposed to use it wisely so as to be able to carry all the responsibilities. To be able to use the limited time to carry out all the activities of the day, many people use automobile transportation, which saves more time than walking, bicycling and using public transportation such as buses. As a result, they are not able to exercise physically, an activity that helps expend significant amounts of energy. This helps in weight control as well as other mental and physical health benefits. With the less physical exercise, many people store excessive fats in the body, which leads to obesity, a condition that cause diseases that have killed many people.

The other reason for less active transportation among Americans is that use of personal car to travel in a family is cheap. This is because a family car can be used to carry the whole family when travelling to work as well as the kids when going to school. The parents are able to take the children to school as they go to work. With the high cost of living, many families look for cheaper ways of living, whereby they use the cheapest means of transport to work as well as the kid to school. Therefore, instead of paying the bus fare to school, the parents travel together with their children while they travel to school to save money used when travelling using buses. This has reduced the chances of many children and their parents to participate in activities such as walking in order to expend the energy obtained from the foods they take. As a result, many children and parents become obese since there is excess storage of fats in the body due to less exercise. This excessive accumulation of fats leads to other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, which has killed many Americans.

To solve this problem whereby less people engage in active transportation that helps in controlling the body weight, solutions should be put forward. One of the solutions is that people who have a busy life due to the many responsibilities they have should find time to engage in activities such as walking. For instance, they should use their weekends to engage in activities such as walking and bicycling in order to compensate for the days they have been using in automobile transportation. This will enable utilization of fats that have been taken from the meals, especially those with high content of calories. With the utilization of the excess fats in the body through active transportation and exercises, one is able to control the body weight. This will also help prevent the occurrence of obesity and diseases caused by obesity such as diabetes and heart failure.

On the issue of automobile as a cheap way of transport, families should at times allow the children travel to school using public vehicles such as buses, which will allow them walk from the bus station to school. This will allow them exercise their body in order to use up the excess fats that are stored in the body. Parents should also at times use public transits to travel to work so as to get an opportunity to exercise their bodies to prevent accumulation of fats in the body. In engaging in such activities will prevent them from obesity and diseases, such as diabetes, which force many parents to incur massive medical bills to tender to their medical conditions. As a result, the cost of living continues to increase that may result to poverty in the family. Parents and children; therefore should engage in active transportation when travelling to work and school so as to prevent the occurrence of obesity and diseases related to obesity. In addition, keeping children when they are physically fit prevents from limiting their lifespan; hence prevent wiping out future generations in the society. As a result, they are left to enhance development and growth economically in the society.

Actions should be taken to ensure that cases of obesity are prevented so as to reduce the number of deaths caused by diseases related to obesity. This increased rate of obesity; therefore requires physical exercises, such as active transportation since travelling is an activity that many people engage every day. Active transportation such as walking and bicycling will lead to the reduction in obesity rate as well as promoting a healthy nation. Campaigns need to be launched to advocate for health literacy in order to inform people about the significance of good, healthy eating. The public should work together with the private sectors to improve the obesity situation in the country by encouraging physical exercise that help to weight control.

In conclusion, it is evident that low levels of active transportation, such as public transportation, walking and bicycling have contributed to the rise of obesity in America. Dependency on automobiles has resulted to rise of obesity in America; therefore, it is the high time for Americans to engage in active transportation to reduce cases of obesity. Obesity is the main cause of the many serious diseases. It is time to take a serious stand by emphasizing on the importance of body fitness and exercises. It is time American citizens’ required immediate action to eliminate obesity in their country. Attitudinal transformation is a significant step towards eliminating cases of obesity in America.


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