Free Risk of Osteoporosis Essay Sample

My body has been showing some symptoms of a disease. The relevant medical tests did indicate that I was at risk of contracting an STI. This STI risk has made me learn and realize a lot of new things that are critical and vital in life. For instance, I have learnt that the emotional attachments to this risk can motivate, reinforce, and support various STI protective behaviors. I am aware of many people running around without any regard toward the prevention of a spreading disease. This is because many people are not motivated to practice various STI protective measures which facilitate awareness and knowledge of health risks as well as a number of protective measures; besides, they enhance social and self-regulative skills and offer social support for protective behaviors. People lack effective STI education, which includes various opportunities for observational learning through group discussions, films, role-play, and STI prevention practice. I have also learnt that being aware of the factors that increase the chances of contracting STI could help people to decrease the risk of infection.

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The Risk of Osteoporosis

Few months ago, my doctor suggested that I should have a bone density check to determine whether I had osteoporosis in my spine or hip. The test indicated that I had some bone loss in the hip region. This is despite the fact that I strongly believed that I was taking good care of myself trying to avoid various health-related issues. It is not possible to change my age, gender, fracture, family history, genetic factors, and some medical conditions that lead to the risk. However, I can change some risk factors because the majority of them are related to lifestyle. The following are some of the strategies that I can embrace to lower the risk of developing osteoporosis: for instance, there is a necessity to avoid smoking, to use moderation when drinking alcohol, to replace caffeinated beverages with the ones that are rich in calcium, to improve my diet, as well as to change my sedentary lifestyle to an active one by exercising daily. Besides, I should probably ask my clinician if there is a possibility to substitute some of the medications that I am using with other associated medications that assist in preventing the development of osteoporosis.


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