Free Role of Water in Promoting Health Essay Sample

Water is an essential element in nutrition. It is a prerequisite for the survival of all living things. In human beings, the role water plays is infinite and has many uses and advantages. First and foremost, water keeps bodies hydrated. Water blocks hazardous elements and toxins in the body systems. This can be ensured through drinking plenty of water each day. In fact, health experts stress on drinking eight glasses of water every day.

Secondly, water is necessary because it naturally cleanses the body. It does this by flashing out toxins and water products from the kidneys and liver which often needs detoxification.

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Moreover, when one is hydrated, constipation is less likely to occur because, food moves easily through the digestive tract. Water in this case, therefore, acts as a lubricant which ensures regular bowel movements and makes elimination of toxins easier.

Lastly, water plays a vital role in regulation of body temperature. During perspiration, sweat evaporates from the body and, therefore, allows the body to cool down. Water is also responsible for supplying nutrients necessary to the cells of the body. It also protects organ tissues, joints and at the same time, provides moisture to the soft tissues around the nose, eyes, and mouth.

Effects of fast foods on the quality and longevity of life

The convenience that fast- food restaurants offer, contributes an immense deal to the decrease in quality and longevity of one's life. Many people find it easier to call on fast- food restaurants, and refill their stomachs. They fail to realize that they increase the risks of chronic diseases such as obesity, high- blood pleasure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes (WHO/FAO, 2003). Consuming excess fast food will eventually decrease the quality of one's life.

Besides suffering from these diseases, fast- food consumers, also gain weight due to the excessive calories which store fats in the body. This in the end leads to a pronounced weight. In most cases, this results in obese characters if not well checked.


This research paper has looked into the critical role that water plays in enhancing the quality and longevity of ones life. It has also established that excessive consumption of fast foods carries detrimental effects to health.


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