Free Steroid Abuse among Teen Athletes Essay Sample

As argued by Mae, insecurity is one of the conditions that most people are faced with and is very difficult to overcome.  Insecurities ion the lives of human beings are present in almost all situations.  Looking at talent, even the most gifted people still have their own doubts and sometimes reassuring them is just not enough.  Teenagers who are talented in the field of athletics seem to have a lot of pressure, which has led to the use of steroids. This has been quite evident since the issue has been highlighted before and has become a global matter.  Controlling the matter has also proven to be quite difficult as more increasing teenagers are engaging in the use of steroids.  Therefore, this paper is going to look at steroid abuse among teen athletes and the effect that it has had on them.
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Mae further argues that most teenagers who are abusing steroids are doing so without the right information about the drug. Steroids are believed to increase one capability in form of muscles and strength.  Thus, it is quite common for teens who are involved with sports to engage in the use of steroids.  The need to perform better than the rest of the competitors may drive an individual to turn to the use of steroids in the belief that they will improve their performance in the sport.  Steroids are drugs that are normally prescribed to individuals with development problems but athletes have used the drugs for their own reasons thus abusing them.  The belief that it will increase their performance in their various sports is the main reason why teens submit to the use of steroids.

Peer Influence and the Need to Succeed

According to Mae, the fact that the teenagers may be talented in their various fields of sport does guarantee them success and they wish to use steroids in order to gain that security.   Teen age is a period where most individuals can be easily influenced by their peers or other people as well.  News about other successful athletes using steroids are always circulating and this may influence the teen athletes negatively.  The pressure for one to be successful in their various sports is also evident and this may lead the teenager to engage in the use of steroids. The pressure for success may be too much for the teenagers from their coaches to their parents and the audience as well leading to the use of steroids. 

Effects of the Use of Steroids

The use of steroids has several effects on the teen athletes who engage in the abuse of the drugs. Most of the effects are known to be negative since they take them according to their own subscription. Aggression is one of the side effects it is known to have on the teen athletes.  This is evident in the various outbursts of rage from the young athletes.  The young individual may not be aware of the effect on the drug on his emotions but it will be quite evident to other people.  The change in attitude in turn leads to poor performance of the athlete. The disappointing results may eventually lead to the athlete suffering from depression.  At this point it is very difficult to help the young teenager but it is not impossible.  If the depression is severe, the teen athlete might even contemplate suicide.  At this point it is important that the individual is offered help immediately.

Depression Leading to Suicidal Thoughts

Depression is mainly caused by disappointing results.  As mentioned earlier, the teen athletes mainly take the steroids to improve their performance and once this is not achieved, then one is bound to be disappointed.  This might take a bad toll on the individual as the pressure to succeed and the disappointing results will be too much for him.  Therefore, with time the individual succumbs to his depression leading to suicide attempts.

Use of Steroids Leading to Addiction

As reported by Miller, some individuals may argue that the use of prescribed steroids is not harmful to young athletes.  This fact is not true as there is always the risk of addiction, which may quite difficult to overcome.  One may start by taking the drugs as prescribed but with time, the usage may change and controlling is bound to be difficult.  Steroids are prescribed to individuals who have been proven to have growth problems.  This helps improve the production of hormones and bodily functions.  Hence, they should not be taken for the need to improve performance in the field of sports.

According to Miller, although these are some of the major effects that teen athletes face from usage of steroids, there are other medical implications suffered.  Long term abuse of the drug by the teen athlete will lead to problems in growth and development.

In general, the use of steroids among the teen athletes has been a major concern among health organizations. This is mainly because the use of steroids is steadily increasing among the young athletes and in turn destroying the talent in them.  This is attributed to the fact that the use of steroids leads to further complications for the athletes, which are mainly negative.  Hence, there have been organizations created to help the teen athletes confront their problems through other methods other than the use of steroids.  This has proven to be quite effective as the availability of information has helped some of the young athletes and with time the problem will be solved.


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