Free Stress and Coping Essay Sample

There are many effects of stress and they are different for different people. They could be physical, psychological, behavioral, biological and even emotional. Stress is capable of affecting the efficiency and performance of a body.

The behavioral effects of stress may occur when an individual is under pressure he is bound to exhibit certain behaviors including heavy drinking and/or smoking. They do this assuming it will relieve them of their stress. Other people find themselves working so hard at the expense of working out and even proper eating. Other may experience sleepless nights. It has been observed that others get lost in their daily chores to a point that they even forget about appointments with their doctors. All these effects usually affect the general health of the person.

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Other effects of stress include damage of someone's immunity, explaining why people catch colds when under stress. Under extreme conditions of stress, some diseases such as arthritis are triggered. Stroke, hypertension, death and heart attack are also effects of stress.

Rosen and Alpern assert that there are a number of causes of effects or rather commonly known as stressors. It could be due bereavement, general sadness, depression, arguments, and frustration.

Engaging in regular exercise can help minimize stress as a way to cope with stress. Exercise works by increasing blood supply thus strengthening the heart in general. One can also take medication, listen to music, breathing deeply,   and massaging.

My preferred method of coping with stress is getting a massage since its effects are almost instant as it also improves on flow of blood in the body. The information in the article has equipped me in such a way that when I am under stress I am in a good position to cope with it as fast as possible thus avoiding its adverse effects. 

In conclusion, it is good to identify the source of stress so that one can effectively apply a method of coping with that particular type of stress. This helps to avoid or better still prevent the damaging effects of stress.


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