Free Medical Technology Advancements Essay Sample

Technology through its advancement has brought about major inventions and innovations on energy, which was chief in the transformation of the medicine. At this period, many of the first world countries were experiencing industrial wealth as a result of advance technology in weaponry, communications and medicine.  This period was an inter-war period.  Countries demonstrated their technological dominance and supremacy through their military. Technology gave this nations United States to be precise had developed significantly and this gave it the edge over other nations.

The Great War triggered advancement in technology as new innovations in terms of military equipments and machinery would mean taking down their enemies before they mop up the next strategy. Technology was exacerbated by the First and Second World War.

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In the beginning of the period, in 1918, the influenza pandemic took lives of many of men in battlefield than the numbers in the First World War. It goes down in history, as it took claimed more lives than the combat fighting. The pandemic wrecked havoc and desolation in the army of the U.S. the influenza plagued swept a lot of lives during the Great War period. It is documented that over 4000 people died just under a week with the deadly epidemic. Science and technology saw a thrilling discovery of vaccines, antitoxins and technique to prevent and cure the population, including the armed forces in the battlefield.

The pre-war era and during the war was turning point as governments employed stealth technologies to acquire new colonies for their growing industrial economies which needed raw materials to drive the economies, development of the infrastructures and development of military power.

Technology has provided quality of life in that, now lives can be saved, for instance the invention of haemodialysis, which has led to a high success rate of artificial organs surgeries. Willem Johan Kolff invented the kidney dialysis in 1944. This pioneered the field of artificial organs. He developed production of artificial kidneys through Kolff Brigham artificial Kidneys. He also helped developed a procedure for cardiac surgery where by a heart-lung machine aid in optimizing and maintaining pulmonary and heart functions.

The field of reproduction has had effect on social and economic lives of many adults. As family planning is integral in many couples who have made life-long commitment to another.  Carl Djerassi is highly regarded and credited for the discovery of oral contraceptive pills in 1951, which has helped in prevention of unwanted pregnancy or birth control.

Today persons suffering from diabetes can redeem their lives, thanks to the discovery of insulin; a hormone produced by the pancreas. It was isolated in 1921 by scientist Dr. Fredrick Banting and Charles Best. We owe this to development of science and technology which has enabled diabetic patients to get a lease of life.

Diabetes is a lifelong chronic disease which needs effective and constant management to maintain the high sugar level to an optimal level. Diabetes need long term management and it is with this gift which scientists Dr. Frederick Banting and Charles Best gave humanity a chance to live. All this discoveries rode on advancement of science and technology.

Technology failed humanity as it did not favor thriving of life. Its advent led into many fatalities as a result of it, there was wanton destruction of property and drove the world economies into a recession. It also contributed directly to loss of human resource, needed to develop the economy. Technology is meant to make work easier and improve quality of life, on this period; 1890-1990, it went contrary and instead it helped perpetuated massacres.

The war came with a curse as the many died of preventable illnesses. The government had shifted focus in war and not healthcare programs. For instance, in Philadelphia the city streets were home to thousands of corpses. The pandemic had claimed more lives than the First World War.

The government had neglected its responsibility. For example, in the case of the influenza pandemic in 1918, it was reluctant to act and stem the widespread of the contagious disease. The army was concentrated in a overcrowded camps and rapid-deployments of the troops catalyzed the spread of the influenza. All these show how the government was reckless in response and handling of the epidemic.

The individuals had a choice to whether use the technologies either for battle ground or for transformation of human lives. The human race used technology for invasion which led to shedding of blood, which the outcome was self-destruction; a depressing economy and widespread loss of lives due to pandemic contagious infections, for example, influenza.

Science and technology contributed significantly to the transformation in medicine. Continued improvement through research and development in medicine led to thrilling discoveries and inventions which contributed to today’s medicine. It transformed how we access medical treatment. 


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