Free Animal Research in Cancer Treatment Essay Sample

Cancer is a disease that affects both human beings and animals. There have been numerous researches on the treatment of cancer, and a lot is in progress. Animals are used in the experimenting of developed cancer drugs so as to know their effects before human consumption. Thesis statement: Animal research should be used in cancer research for the benefits of both man and animals.

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Use of animals in research

For many years the value of genetically defined laboratory animals has been renowned by some research workers. It is the assurance of many genetics that the use of mice that have been inbred in cancer research has made achievable many contributions of a primary nature that would not have taken place. Possibly, it would not irrelevant to make the proposition that within the coming years all research on mice should be conceded out on animals that are inbred.

People have accused SIDS researchers of abusing cats in research yet the animals do not undergo pain and are not controlled as some activists assert. The cats are sedated and operated on under germ-free surroundings. An electrode that is hair thin is inserted into the brain of cat, and a head cap is placed or attached to the skull to maintain the electrodes. The cat can play while researchers trace the electrical transmission.

Rodents are animals used in the lab, but not monkeys, cats and dogs. Cancer research first used rodents; because mice and rats give birth quickly, they are particularly useful in the study of   genetic transmission of ailments. In the discovery and development of drugs, animals have been important. These drugs treat and heal some types of cancer.

Types of Drugs tested on animals

Animals are required not only for coming up with new medical cures, but also for testing the effectual and deadly doses of drugs. Each and every year in the U.S almost 70million animals pass on in research laboratories. They are cut wide open, blinded, burned, given drugs, and injected with substances that are toxic substances.

Hepatis B vaccine is tested by chimpanzees. They are the only animals that are used to test this drug. Products that are used for Personal care and household also need to be tested to ensure that they are safe for use. When the product contains a chemical ingredient for which there is no accessible safety data that is when animal testing is required. The public should keep in mind that animal research made achievable each progress in modern medicine.

The small number of experiments on dogs and other animals that were conceded out centuries ago would, by in the present standards be judged rudimentary and, since aesthetics had hardly been discovered. Nowadays the degree of deployment of laboratory animals is seen to have taken a proportion that is industrial. The majority of mice are used in research of virus and to examine the potential of new drugs, or test the effectiveness of ones that are existing .A large amount of drugs are tested in cancer research and also in other types of research.

Animals suffer from many forms of diseases .These include; skin, breast cancer, bone and leukemia. Cattle in particular suffer from cancer of the eye .These animals ;cattle, horses, dogs and cats form an ailment called squamous cell carcinoma and dogs and cats form an ailment called malignant melanoma. Cancer is accountable for approximately half of the death in pets. Medicine for the treatment of animals has become much more complicated; veterinarians have no choice, but to use radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other cancer treating techniques similar to those given to humans. Therefore, the research of cancer on animals for the advantage of both humans and animals has returned .This enables a lot of animals live a life that is more normal after treatment.

Experiment on the Nude Mouse

The nude mouse is a mouse species that has neither hair nor a thymus gland. This mouse is mostly used in cancer research. The mouse has the aptitude to uphold human tissue; it has been used very productive in this regard. The research has provided a lot of gear that veterinarians nowadays use in treating comparable cancers in domestic animals. Tumor growth study in the laboratory and companion animals has helped veterinarians in to diagnose, thwart, and treat cancer. Treatment of cancer in companion animals utilizes several of the similar methods accessible in human medicine.

Numerous animal amenities are using an amalgamation of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other therapies as part of the munitions store put in place to battle cancer in pet animals. The majority of clinical research trials are researching new methods of cancer analysis or treatment is carried out at colleges of veterinary medicine by means of laboratory and buddy animals. When these new treatments have confirmed safe and efficient in clinical trials, the therapy can then be taken as a potential advantage to animals and patients.

Veterinarians are progressively able to categorize tumors with the same categorization system used by medical doctors who treat humans. Enhanced opportunities in cancer deterrence and treatment should keep on providing our animals with protracted life. Several times specimens got from these clinical trials are giving basic researchers supplementary information that may assist human and animal cancer patients today and in the future.

Presently, the physiological function and the treatment efficacy are characteristically resolute by techniques that are either disparaging or have meager spatial resolution.The Intra -vitals microscopy of tumors that are developing in diverse organs overcomes these boundaries and offers influential approach into tumor path physiology and cure.

Additionally, the current accessibility of ‘in vivo’ correspondents such as GFP as well as mice that are transgenic and cell lines is probable to present new channels for discoveries. There are three wide categories of preparations of tissue, which can lodge intra-vital microscopy; these chronic transparent chambers, the acute tissue preparation and the ‘in situ’ preparation. Each and every of these preparations can be utilized in the study of ordinary tissue, and entrenched tumor or a tissue assemble containing expansion factors or engineered cells.

The use of animals for the research of cancer treatment is essential. This is because the animals used help in the discoveries of new drugs which help both animals and human beings. Cancer is more vibrant in today’s societies, and affects both animals and human beings. Researchers are still working on ways of treating cancer permanently apart from carrying out therapies.


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