Free The Care of a Newborn Baby Essay Sample

Many cases of children with Down syndrome in the current world now are at a higher rate. Due to this, the care of these young children is getting complicated, which needs a myriad of immediate and long-term medical solutions. The care of these children can be through feeding, medication, social part of the child or any other care as for other normal babies. In terms of feeding, a newborn should be allowed to breastfed though sometimes they may have a difficulty with coordination of suck and swallow. This will need assistance of a feeding specialist such as a nurse or a specific pathologist. The breast milk enhances oral motor development, which is the foundation of speech.

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If the breast- feeding, of the infant does not give, enough weight to the newborn the mother or the nurse can introduce partial supplements with formula or additional express breast milk (Buckley, 2002). A nursing supplementer, which provides additional caloric may also be introduced. If the mother prefers using formula, feeding the newborn baby should be within a period of after every three hours. The position of the baby during feeding is also another consideration in that the baby should be in a semi upright position with the bottle at an angle to prevent the swallowing of air. As the baby is growing in age, the diet also advances to the usual schedule of food groups so the mother should introduce this to the baby.

Another utmost care is in terms of health maintenance through medication. Proper immunization should be given to the baby. These are done in series: diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, pertussis vaccine, live oral poliovirus vaccine, Haemophilus influenza type b polysaccharide vaccine, and measles-mumps-rubella combination vaccine (McNeal, 2000). Mostly, a child with Down Syndrome has a low immune system making the child be prone to various infections like complication within the respiratory system, ears, and throat infection so a need to see a pediatric orthopedist for a surgery if needed. If the baby has a problem of gastroesophageal reflux, the sleeping position of the baby should have the head raised and, medication such as cisapride be administered.

Apart from medication, there is a need for physical therapy especially for babies with difficulty in feeding or speech. Selection of an appropriate therapist with knowledge about Down syndrome is required to train the child and provide mainstreaming services either in school or at home as the baby is growing up. Total communication approach should be embrace, which include signing and spoken language (Elizabeth, 1996).

Another aspect is the knowledge of the legal rights of the newborn and financial matters. The parent should understand that just like any other baby, the newborn has rights to live, to be loved, and be taken care of. The parents should always avoid situations where the child will feel intimidated and different from other sibling as she/he grows up (Buckley, 2002). The parent may also apply for Supplemental Security Income Assistance (SSIA) to help in the further treatment of the baby or school fund.

The nature of environment where the baby is staying is also a key concern (McNeal, 2000). A convenient environment is recommended for such complication, for instance a place without much noise and good weather condition. The dressing of the baby should also be appropriate to avoid further complications. Children with Down syndrome are prone to adverse weather conditions. The parents are required to seek for further knowledge on the ways of treatment of the disorder, seek help from other people with the same complication so that they can encourage the baby as she grows up to be an adult.