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The Ryan White CARE Act was enacted by the US Congress in August 18, 1990. The act was named after Ryan White, an Indiana teenager who braved the fight against ignorance and prejudice against the victims of the disease. Ryan White was born with a hemophilic condition and it was during a tainted hemophilic treatment that the teenager contracted AIDS. Until his death in 1990, White braved the fight against ignorance and prejudice and become a well known advocate for awareness and research on AIDS. 
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The CARE act established the largest federal funded project for individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS disease in the United States. The act sought to improve the availability and the quality of care for HIV/AIDS victims and especially the uninsured, underinsured, and the low income.

As the AIDS epidemic spread, its effect on the society become more pronounced. There was need to deal with the anxiety created by the illness and need to find out how to prevent further transmission. Therefore, services such as educational and support programs, counseling, testing, and care were required to help meet the needs of the communities, families and individuals. This call for help was what the US congress was responding to when it passed the Ryan White CARE Act. One of the unprecedented and special attribute of this specific bill was that funding was to go to people solely on the basis of their infection with or risk status for a specific disease.      

Although Ryan White CARE Act has managed to significantly provide 'disaster relief' for direct to the urban areas hardest hit by the HIV/AIDS scourge, the program has encountered significant shortcomings in meeting the needs of metropolitan areas due to lack of qualified funding parameters at this level.  It appears there may be inadequate work flow processes a due to the complexity of support constraints. There may be lack of qualified grantees and transparency of how crucial statistical information related to public health schemes and subsequent funding is shared amongst all shareholders at all levels with respect to Ryan White regions. 

The Ryan White CARE Act has had significant impact both nationally and internationally. Through the program, funds have been made available to localities affected by the epidemic. The program also provides for home and community based care, treatment and drugs on HIV related programs. The program also avails funds for community based health care providers who offer early health care intervention and also provide funding for special programs to support research programs, counseling and coordination of education and training for health care providers.


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