Free Training and Education in Healthcare Essay Sample

Training and education in healthcare can be a process of sharing of free healthcare education with different human beings of all calibers, apart from just earning a degree within the field of study. This healthcare education can lead to exchange of significant information through sensitization on various critical issues. This could be on issues like hygiene, which can be considered to be an important topic for all participating individuals.
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Competencies in human beings have been found to be subjective in nature and most of the time difficult to quantify. Measuring competencies is a significant process, in that it allows participating individuals to grow into better people by exhibiting their potentials in different situations. Competency development is a process that normally takes place at a personal level, and this involves the case where a persons plan may not fit all. Therefore, an individual must have clear convictions about personal growth and the consistent self-improvement aspects. To make sure such convictions are realistic, a person needs to become accustomed to a plan of their way of living.

Being objective in life is considered to be a very important aspect that will enable a person to achieve better in most of the concerned situations. For any person to understand the critical potentials in life one must have enough assessments, and this could consist of self-assessments and other people's assessment. This is seen to be significant especially in areas learning and being in a position to apply new behaviors is taken to be obligatory. Therefore, measuring competencies helps in ensuring a continuous follow-up is achieved, and this helps in avoiding the aspect of trailing the momentum and finally waning back into bad practices. Such processes can be achieved through mentors, coaches, or peer groups.

To resolve on the right training and education in healthcare, there are procedures that need to be followed in tracking and evaluating training effectiveness:

a) Determining the specific training setting that one is trying to fit into and the overall impact expected.

b) Factoring in the issue of time allocation and utilization. This will help in determining the extension used in terms of time frame.

c) Assessing the set objectives and personal potential over the realized results.


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