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Unhappy Meals by Michael Pollan reflects on a complicated issue of what the human beings should eat to maximize on health. The subject has raised debate due to its complexity and equivocal nature. Pollan argues that people must be extra careful on what they eat due to the health related issues to food. Meat is served best as a side dish, not as the main dish. He continues to insist that completely fresh foods eaten are better than the processed foods. Most of foods in the supermarkets are processed and threatening to the health of the human beings.

The novel on Unhappy Meals by Michael Pollan has been credited by reflecting on food science that is towed with the health claims. Pollan is concerned on the health of individuals, he argues that health is directly related with what humans eat and shedding light on the importance of eating unprocessed foods. Humans have the responsibility of restraining themselves from foods that are related with health claims, stating that this is not actually food. Food should strengthen the bond of diet health articulation and not tear the bond away.

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Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the relationship of diet and health. However, conflicting conclusions have been drawn on the scientific studies. There was news that went round that low fat diet protects against the breast cancer as indicated by the women’s health initiative. Scientists argued that there were no links found between coronary disease and low fat diet. Coronary cancer might be prevented by dietary fiber, which has not been scientifically proved. Omega 3 has been believed to solve many heart related complications. Medics, on the other side, argued that, they are not guaranteed to what extent Omega 3 contributes to solve health issues. Harvard study indicated that serving fish has the prospect of reducing the chances of dying from heart related complications by a third. Food scientists have found the diet health issue complicated and uncertain in nature. This is because new challenges related to the diet health issues crops up promoting the need of further studies.

Michael Pollan’s), request for a more ecological and cultural approach to diet is extremely convincing. This is in line to that; humans must restrain from consuming processed foods, and replace the meals with unprocessed foods. He reflected in nutritionist that scientists have diminished the eating styles of people and doing little in improving the health of individuals. Pollan argues that humans need a better approach to diet science that relates to ecological and cultural approach. Food should be looked at as more of a relationship and not as a thing. The existing relationships in the food web have been termed as the food chain extending down to the soil. There is the interdependence in what the species eat.

The relationship between the environment and the organisms is termed as the ecology; hence, the cultural aspects in the diet health involve the manners and the arts that a group favors. The call by Michael Pollan is convincing in that the ecological and cultural approaches relate to the choice, environment and organism. This is intensely practical as human beings have control over the issues meaning that humans have the ability to shape their health destiny. Soil has been considered to sustain life in the food chain either directly or indirectly. Sir Albert Howard, an English agronomist, asserted that the health in soil confers to the health in plants, animals and to the human beings. This convinces that diet is directly proportional to the ecological factors and cultural aspects. Health relates to reading the biological signals. Ecological relationships have been noted to exist between eaters and the whole foods and not nutrients.  Traditional food cultures are a subject to be preserved to control the numerous health complications arising from the eating habits. Western diet has been noted to paying less attention to the traditional food cultures as compared to processed foods.

Firm bill stating, “You are what you grow” is appropriately fitting with the sentiments of Michael Pollan. He argues that the food humans grow have been found to influence the health of the immediate population. Pollan argues that it is advisable to cook food, and if possible plant a garden in the attempt to escape the fast food culture and the harmful effects associated with it. Soil has been accorded the stature of supporting the life on earth. This means that humans need to safeguard the environment in the effort to reduce the number of health related complications. Michael Pollan argues that humans should eat food, not too much, but preferably plants.

The chemical composition of the soil has been altered by the application of fertilizers. This seems to alter the nature of the food grown in the soil. There has been excessive emphasize on the quantity of yield and not the nutritional content. This means that the food humans ingest are less nutritional exposing humans to health risks; conferring with the health bill that states that humans are what they grow. The food system in America has been noted to increase in quantity, decrease in prices and compromise on quality.

Michael Pollan has opposed the Farm Bills passed by the Congress Square. The bills seek to improve the American food supply safety. The Food Safety Modernization Bill is not appropriate. Michael Pollan insists on a lasting solution to the diet health challenges. Complications related to the dietary habits can be effectively managed by eating fresh farm produce. The Bills seek to address the food safety issues with the prospect of substantially benefiting consumers and less harming food producers who are remarkably small farmers. The Bill has been noted to fight the stale food as opposed to Michael Pollan`s arguments of quality food in Unhappy Meals.

American people have been associated with obesity over the years. Farm Bill has been noted to induce calories that are injurious to the schoolchildren in the sense that they exaggerate the American farmers to overproduce processed foods. Michael Pollan emphasizes on the growing of fresh produce and he is concerned on the qualitative aspect; as opposed to the quantitative approach of food production. Fresh produce will solve significantly the diet health related complications in America and the rest of the world.

In conclusion, Michael’s opposition according to the Unhappy Meals is a brilliant idea. This is because Farm Bills have been associated with regulating the American food system without considering the qualitative aspect. The bills seek to regulate the crops to be subsided basing their arguments on the quantitative aspects. Michael Pollan argues that the quantity does not matter; rather what matters is the nutritive aspect that is also believed to reduce the diet health complications. He argues that America will continue facing challenges resulting to diet health, if the grassroots issues are not attended. Farm Bills offer more support to the cake that to the root in the case of processed foods. Michael Pollan is against the Farm Bill due to the grounds that it does little supporting the farmers specializing with the fresh produce. 


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