Free Vegetarian Diet Essay Sample

The word vegetarian covers the intake of only plant- based products, which majorly, include fruits and vegetables. Vegetarians in their diet exclude dairy products or eggs and meat products. Vegetarianism is done for different reasons, which range from ethics, political, trade, and industry, environmental, and cultural. There exist different types of vegetarians, which include Lacto-vegetarians who take dairy products but not eggs; ovo-vegetarians who take eggs and not dairy products; ovo-lacto vegetarian who eat both eggs and dairy products, and vegan who do not eat all the animal products.

In recent years, complications such as obesity, hypertension ion, high blood pressure, and the common forms of cancer have been the chief cause of several deaths. This blame is partly to the vegetarian lifestyle, but that is not the case. Many scientists have come out to give tangible evidence on how vegetarian lifestyle has enabled those practicing it to have a number of benefits. Because of reliable evidence from the scientific knowledge, nutritionists have come out to enunciate that a well planned vegetarian diet provides adequate nutrients to the body. The intake of fruits and vegetables by the vegetarians provide them with the primary source of nutrients and phyto chemicals necessary for body immune system thus reducing chronic diseases. In addition, the vegetarian foods are rich in fiber and potassium, which are vital for the reduction of b disease risks. The vegetarians are physically active compared to non-vegetarians populace, due to non-intake of alcohol and avoidance of smoking.

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Vegetarians also, due to their diet are able to maintain a healthy body weight as compared to non- vegetarians. As obesity affects most of the non-vegetarians, the vegetarians have an advantage due to a healthy body weight. Furthermore, research has indicated that vegetarians who take food based on plant origin die less of heart related problems. Vegetarians frequently take food, which contain less inundated fats, and those foods that are lower in cholesterol level. Plant –based foods contain fats but are unsaturated thus  related to heart cases. In addition, vegetables due to phyto chemical in them reduce the incidence of diseases. Research has also indicated that high protein from soya food replaces the protein from the animal origin, thus lowering the blood cholesterol level. This prevents some opportunistic diseases, which lead to the deficit in the protein level, in the diet. The high intake of vegetables in the vegetarian diet reduces oxidation and other pointers of heart diseases in the body when it replaces animal proteins in the body.

In many instances, results have shown that vegetarians have reduced blood pressure and low rate of hypertension as compared to non-vegetarians. Intake of low fat foods and less saturated foods help them to maintain a healthy body that exposing them to low chances of high blood pressure. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, taking of alcohol also plays a vital role in reducing chances of high blood pressure and hypertension, and physical activity contributes to this also. The vegetarians’ diet is also beneficial in defending the body against the most common forms of cancer attack. This has a link to the intake of fruits and vegetables and exclusion of animal products. In addition, the most affected people by the cancer are the non-vegetarians, but vegetarians have an advantage since they take food rich in fruits and vegetables, which contain phyto chemicals.

On the other hand, the vegetarians, despite the benefits have also had tendencies of some risks. In children who take, only fruits and vegetables have a risk of developing deficiency symptoms. Children fed only on vegetarian diet face a risk of not achieving sufficient vitamin B12 diet status. Infants and children who are vegetarians and breast- feed are at risk of insufficient vitamin, thus they will suffer from rickets. Other nutrient, which is at risk of not getting adequately, is the calcium, iron, zinc, and iron. In turn, children will require some supplements in their diet thus posing some risks on the child’s health. Most adolescents will pick food rich in fruits and vegetables and rarely take food rich in salty, snacks and less in sweets. As a result, the teens will experience abnormal and robust growth, which will become an avenue for obesity and overweight. Some adolescent vegetarians choose sometime to leave some meals containing vitamin B12 and calcium thus developing weak bones. This will have an impact in the future life of adolescents. Inadequate vitamin B12 causes significant impairment to the memory and the way of thinking capacity of adolescents and still a number of reported cases of adult vegetarians who experience blindness.

The elderly and ill vegetarians, who are not out of the risks involving vegetarians. Being a vegetarian at old age will make one develop low resistance due inadequate nutrients in the diet. This too affects those recovering from diseases as the vegetables and fruits alone cannot provide the required nutrients. The protein content in the diet of a vegetarian is relatively low due to low digestibility of plant proteins. The low protein content in the diet of a vegetarian will mean that one will develop deficiency relate diseases.

Because of lengthy training and complexity in imparting knowledge to graduates, tutors are the most paid and compensated. Throughout their service, professionals from different fields of careers receive the highest compensation rates compared to those who do not have degrees. The salary and compensation motivates and retains a motivated being.

In terms of rates of return, the college graduates contribute more to the society and the government than non-graduate does. College education is measured in terms of returns to the society particularly the increased earnings, and other related benefits to highly developed levels  of competencies and  experience. The rate of return tries to approximate not only the benefits to the student but also to the society and the government. The after-tax income of a graduate and those of high school graduate approximate benefits to individual students, and it is higher for college graduate than for high school graduate.

 The average earning for an individual with a degree is 75percent higher compared to the earning of a high school graduate, therefore, indicates that higher education pays well. When the economic worth of higher education in terms of prospect salary is compared against the total cost of possessing, the higher education is three times more than the actual cost of education. The attainment of higher education entails several forces play, which include, the individual capabilities, family and environmental factors, ethics and values, and parents’ level of education.

The society will benefit from the greater workforce, which is skilled and can assist the society in solving some issues, which requires graduates. The skills obtained from the college education increase the productivity of the individual, which in turn lead to greater output, which translates, to better economy. The benefits of higher education to an individual depend on the college or university attended. The level of institution in terms of quality will affect ones own compensation. This means that those from low-quality colleges will get less pay compared to those from the prestigious universities.

To the individual, higher education equips one with greater socializing skills necessary for survival in the dynamic society. The socializing skills will enable him interact freely with people from different backgrounds. An individual with higher education degree will have a greater sense of awareness, self-confidence, and appreciate the present varied cultures. Education is taken to be economic investment because it imparts to the leaner with skills, which he will use in the competitive world where employers look for quality. An educated person in terms of college degree can search the job more broadly, and the result is the beneficial match between the individual and company. In addition, graduate, unlike the high school graduate, will make proficient, reliable, and cogent customer choices. To the benefit of the society, the graduates display constructive developments and explore more in the places they reside compared to high school graduates. With graduates, the dependency rate will be lower compared to high school graduates. Still on the societal benefits, having a degree will influence the general and cognitive growth of the young people thus emulating the scholarly achievement of the parents. As per the healthy of the entire family, it reflects educational achievement of the parents, and the size of the family is determined by the level of education.

Despite the immense benefits of higher education, there exist some pitfalls. As the result, the technological skills imparted in the university instead using them for the good of the society they misuse them. They use the technology to perpetuate crimes in the society thus making the graduate a nuisance to the society. There have been cases of graduates abusing the technological skills to rob companies and banks their money or even hack their system.

There have also been cases of brain drain among the graduates. This happens when, after one has the degree, he moves out of the country in the name of searching greener pastures. This becomes a loss to the government since they have invested a lot to the individual. Many higher institutions have of late referred to the decay of morals. It is from these higher institutions that we heard of immoral acts, ranging from crimes to prostitution. This will have an impact on the young generation, as they will lack the role models. Moreover, the government has incurred many losses due to tax evasion by the graduates. Because of the skills received in the university, they misuse them and evade paying tax. All these belittle the graduates’ image thus favoring the uneducated people.


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