Free Being Healthy Essay Sample

Health is all aspects that enhances an individual to function well, World Health organization in 1948 defined heath as a state  where  an individual achieves complete mental, physical as well as social well being and it is not just one not being without a disease.

Good health is determined by the lifestyle we live, the environment we live in, the human biology and the health services at our disposal. Good health is maintained and advanced by the personal effort we make, the choice of lifestyle we decide or choose. People can enhance good health by exercising their bodies, having ample sleep, avoiding abuse of drugs and substances such as alcohol and smoking, also maintaining ones weight is crucial towards good health. Good quality water for children and infants in third world countries is an important environmental factor affecting health.

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Physical environmental greatly affects health, such physical environmental factors include air we breathe, the water we drink, the houses we live in and also the road we use greatly contribute to good health. Social and economic factors also affect good health; high levels of education will contribute to good health as people are educated on the need of good health. People associated with good education tend to have more income and also have better jobs hence can afford facilities such as a gym to exercise, work for less hour and do simple jobs that do not need physical energy.

Good health is crucial to any individual as it increases productivity, helps one from a lot of diseases such as obesity, helps one to be alert and to have good mental strength.

Some of the ways of maintain good health include; good social activity, maintaining proper hygiene, exercising, medical care among others. Most of this are not expensive and can be achieved by all irrespective of the social and economic status. This will happen if all are conscious of the importance of good health and how to maintain it. The government and the media have both to partner on creating awareness on the need of good health.


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