Free Youth and Sedentary Lifestyle Essay Sample

Sedentary lifestyle is a term use to describe minimal or no physical activities. It is characterized by few and irregular physical activities whereby the individual opt to sit or stay in a certain position without movements. Sitting down and inactive with little or no exercise may cause shrinking and weakening of muscles, weakening of body immune system thus making the body susceptible to diseases and physical injuries. Colloquially, they can be termed as' coach potatoes'.

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Most of youths today are carried away by the wave of technology such that they try as much as they can to avoid too much physicality in their live. Unfortunately, they find it satisfying not knowing that it's all but at the expense of their healthy lives. The age of internet has enhanced remote working, communication and conferencing which are very good advancements in today's life but increases immobility. Since we cannot put away the technology and go back to the mechanical way of performing tasks one can still achieve a healthy life by taking some rest and simple exercises.

Youths are basically supposed to be active. They are fond of fun and games that cheer them up. The era of computer games that simulate many interesting events has found a place in most of young people such that the do not find the need of going out to engage in those activities physically, they find themselves playing those games seated after a whole sitting day in their offices or idling. I'd highly recommend that one should often find time for outdoor recreation activities. Just rope skipping, jogging and walking is more profitable than video games.

Unlike automobiles, human bodies get fit when put into use. There is no fear of wear and tear in walking every day or cycling or playing physical games, to the contrary the eliminate a lot of risky diseases from your body through boosting your immunity and removal of toxins through sweating. Keeping fit through exercising shields you from many other deadly diseases.

It is also important to adopt a simple life. This does not mean that living in poverty is living a simple life, no. it means making yourself available to physical activities since human body is designed to be mobile. When addressing sedentary lifestyle issues we are fond of focusing on the richly fellows but in reality, the lifestyles of our current generation are far much sedentary when compared with those of previous generations. We ought to get physical to prevent 20% of preventable deaths and stop looking for alternatives to exercises that will never be. Recreation activities are defined as unprofitable activities or leisure but truly they are very profitable.


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