Free Interview With an Older Person Essay Sample

The first thing I learnt from the sixty five year old grandfather was about his friends. He said that there were more interactions in the old days and people were very concerned about other people’s lives. Friendship was a valuable thing and everyone had few people who were important to their lives apart from the family members. He had five very close friends but one of them was like a brother to him. They were always there for each other and they could meet every day because he was from the neighborhood. Their friendship is still strong even today and they have a lot of similarities since they used to do most of the things together. He used to have grandparents whom they lived together in the same house with his parents. He was his grandparent’s favorite because he was their first grandchild. They watched him grow everyday because they had stopped working when he was born. They also joined his parents to take him to school on his first day which instilled in him the importance of education. They later died when he was in preschool and he felt a big loss because they were very special to him.

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He was raised up by both his parents in a humble and peaceful family. His parents ensured that he went to church every Sunday since they were strong Christians. His parents were strict and he never missed school without a good reason. He had a nice nanny who brought him up the whole of his childhood. He has always treasured her because she was also part of his life. He went to a public school in the southern region of Chicago and later joined Maine high school. He passed and went to Harvard University where he pursued a degree in social works and community development. After his degree he worked with different nongovernmental organization which provides financial support to poor countries in Africa. He is currently working in the project department with the United Nations organizations. He has also started a program in the United States that helps the poor children to get full education. He has also many individual businesses and has never tried a partnership because he finds it hard to trust people.

He met his first love in his first year at Harvard University. They used to live in the same house and this is what made him notice her. They married after three years of dating and got a son the same year. The marriage lasted for nine years and they divorced. He stayed single for two years though he had access of his son and therefore he used to visit him regularly. He found another love and dated for long before they married in his early forties. They had a daughter and happily married up to today. He has been a responsible parent and have always provided for his two kids throughout their lives. He has also a two year old granddaughter whom he really treasures.

He believes in God and has always been a Christian and an active member of his church. His children have also been brought up in church and he has maintained a good relationship with God throughout his life. He got married to his wife in church and that has really contributed to the success of their marriage. He has never witnessed a world war though during his birth the memories of Second World War were fresh. He diagnosed with diabetes in his early fifties though he has always been able to control it. That is the only serious diagnosis that he has ever had in his entire life. He also insisted that God has always blessed him with good health which he is grateful about. 


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