Free Health Care Manager Duties Essay Sample


The position occupied by a health care manager is one that requires dedication in terms of time duty. The manager is looked at as a supervisor by the rest of the employees and it is his duty to ensure that the work is carried out accordingly in the workplace. Therefore, this is a report of an interview conducted on Theodore Branson who is a respiratory therapist. This will be in reflection his duty as a supervisor and some of the major concerns that he has while working at the health care center.

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Manager's Education and Work Experience

The aspect of education that is very important in the respiratory therapy field is attaining the associate degree. Branson was able to attain his associate degree as well as a master's degree, which is considered very important if one wishes to advance their studies and knowledge.  The education was very beneficial since most of the knowledge is acquired from it but the training and experience is what builds an individual's personality in the field. Therefore, as part of his training in medicine school at David Geffen School of Medicine.  The training is meant to prepare the students of their job positions after their studies.

Health Care Management Issues

Branson is a supervisor at a 500bed hospital where he carries out his duties a respiratory therapist as well. He works the day shift and his major concern has been based on the treating equipments. With the increase in pneumonia patients, the therapists are not able to access the breathing treatment on time. Therefore, the patients may have to endure suffering while the breathing treatment is being taken care of.  According to Branson, the pneumonia patients are very sensitive and time is a very significant factor when they are seeking treatment and this issue places their lives at a great risk.  

Health Care Management Issues Likely To Emerge In The Future

The health care manager looks at the aspect of burn out among the respiratory therapists.  This is said in regards to the duties performed by the supervisors, which include; reporting to the clinical coordinator of the respiratory department who is the boss of Branson. The fact that Branson is a health care manager, it does not exclude him from his duties as a respiratory therapist where he has to cover the medical surgeries, rehab, oncology, skill care, ICU with 16 beds, another ICU with 10beds,  a heart unit, NICU unit and outpatient services. This shows how flexible the field is but it could easily lead to most of the professionals burning out and in turn the respiratory therapy field would loose many professionals creating a rather critical situation. This aspect places the patients' safety at risk since their survival is determined by the effectiveness of the professionals.

Another issue that is likely to arise in the future is the expansion process and incorporation of technology in the field.  Expansion and flexibility is mainly viewed positively in the medical field but this poses more duties for the supervisor. Currently Branson is working at a 500 bed hospital and the workload is overwhelming despite the fact that he works in shifts. Further expansion will make him look at his duty differently as it is likely to increase greatly. This could affect the treatment rendered to the patients as well although the motive for expansion would be to help increase treatment options for the patients.


In general, occupying the position of a health care manager means one has to take responsibility for a lot of actions in the health care unit. This is not an easy task and it requires experience and skill in order for it to be carried out appropriately. The interview conducted on the respiratory therapist clearly indicated that the duty is quite heavy but the training and experience assists in preparing the professionals.  However, some of the future concerns that Branson has could be very fatal if not looked at an early stage.


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