Free Asian American Education Discrimination Essay Sample

Asian Americans, who were  immigrants from Asia countries such as China, Japan and other countries in the eastern hemisphere, have lived to tell the tale of prosecution and rejection which has been projected on them while  living in America. Notably, it has been established that, the cause of migration was due to war, fear of starvation, death and political persecution. As the minority in the new culture in America, Asian Americans have been submitting to ruthless bias resulting to highest order of mistreatment and racial discrimination in educational matters. Specifically, this has been witnessed in cases of prejudice and stereotyping in the areas of education and employment among other opportunities.  

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In this regard, this interview  seeks to demonstrate how this insensible menace of  dehumanization in education has  promoted  the controversial matters of racism and discrimination to Asian American, Further,  the interview  comparatively  shows  how hard work among the  Asians American students has lead success Chinese ethnic groups  as compared to   some of  the Japanese  American ethnic  groups in America.

An interview to a Chinese American

What is your name and which native Asian American origin do you come from?

My name is rajah a native Asian and Tracing my origin as a Chinese American.

Are you currently employed in America?

Yes am employed as an associate professor in civil engineering at the university of Berkeley.

Do you have any historical evidence concerning the racial discrimination in the education sector in past?

As a matter of factor, descendants of Japanese and Chinese migrant over the  past time, even  the highly educated Asian American have experienced educational limitation due to structural barriers they  have faced in  thus  founding  themselves unable to convert their credentials in the mainstream labor market.  For instance the experience of the late 1880s and the 1920s where over 250,000 Japanese had migrated to the United States of America is still fresh in our minds. It was clear that the Japanese employees would dominate American employees due to the high knowledge they demonstrated in their work places creating high competition phase for Americans. For this reason, the increased tension on the whites influenced defiance, inciting elimination of the Japanese.

What reason do you think triggered American to introduce polices advocating for discrimination in education?

Because Japanese Americans employees, would dominate American employees due to the high knowledge they demonstrated in their work places creating high competition phase for Americans. For this reason, the increased tension on the whites influenced defiance, inciting elimination of the Japanese.

Do you have any problem in regard to learning process in the recent years?  

 Over the last few years Asian Americans have registered a high college’s attendance. Especially in the last few years there has been a considerable increase in Asian Americans seeking a higher level education. Currently Half of Asian Americans have been seeking higher education level education in order to have a bright future. Specifically, the age of Asians Americans above 25 years have a degree from a university. Surprisingly, most of the higher education has been acquired from the Asian homeland as opposed to the US degrees.

Are there Different racial grouping in schooling?

 In the educational sector, Asian Americans have been categorized by rules and policies relating to their exclusion in the class room. In response to racist limitations, they continue to place a large focus on education, viewing it as a way out of the low level jobs and into higher paying positions. The mixing generated the endeavors by majority of whites to advocate for separation of schooling for Asian Americans with whites. In response, Asian Americans combination into white schools was viewed as threat to dislocation of the racist children in the school. For instance, four school districts in California had separate schools specifically developed for Asian American.

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Do you have some suggestion toward Asian American   possible education policy on discrimination solutions?

Due to the high racial discrimination rate, how do you responses to different groups having social issues and racial stereotype toward Chinese American?

                 Stereotypes have created differential contact on Asian Americans. An inaccurate and unconstructive stereotype has hurt Asian Americans feelings more leaving a negative attitude towards the so called American citizens. Secondly, Asian American has become more aware and open to the hatred offensive in regard to education whereby they are racially under attack as the only victims.

From your opinion how does intersections of race, affect class manifest in Asian American?

                 The connection of discrimination and racism demonstrated towards Asian Americans common understanding of the current education inequality manifested under race,  

How has Chinese children outshined other children Japanese American?

                Chinese American children of high school and university age of lately have registered an outstanding   performance outshining other students in their exam and overall grades have gradually grown higher and high as well. There has been notable   discriminatory quotas which are  being applied against them but the student have managed to overpower them through smart and hard work, as result high percentage of Chinese American students  have graduated in  high school securing better entrances to universities and taking  high professional job.        

At the same time, the Japanese Americans performance has been affected poor performance decreased in college today score the second. This has been due to the applied quota system affecting the performance generation after generation in United States.

How can the performance of the Japanese performance in school be increased?

The Japanese American students should join hands together and work hard in order to boost their academic skills and register High marks in order to seek batter admission to the private higher learning institution and universities. In addition Asian American Students at highly selective colleges should come up with a strategy to create awareness about their educational accomplishments. They could work hard from high school organizing groups to practice after school with academic work and look to join advanced placement courses. This will assist in Earning an admissions at credible schools which is viewed as a just full return of years of hard work and concentration. At the same time, they should adopt the strong influence by the prehistoric legacy of their ancestors, whose traditions emphasize family solidarity, hard work in school.


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