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Free Analysis of the Interview Essay Sample

From the interview, it is evident that the Chinese migration into U.S.A data back in mid 1800 having three distinct phases in terms of years; 1849 to 1882, 1883 to 1965 and 1966 to date. The views brought forth seem to coincide with history where it is held that the immigrant first moved to California to work in Gold extraction. The immigration during the time came to an end after the government passed Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882. As noted from the interview, the second period encompassed migration of students, expatriates and businessmen/women. This group of person was allowed to move with their dependent such as children, parents and spouses. It is no doubt that the numbers of Chinese immigrants has been surging as years go by. Comparing the number of Chinese immigrant employed during the second phase and the third phase, it is evident that there I a tremendous increase.

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With regards to the reasons that propelled or favored Chinese immigration into the United States, the interviewer pointed out a number of them. These include; economic reasons, poor governance in china characterized with bureaucracy, desire of finding better living conditions, education, the U.S government had policies that favored their existence, the reception given to the first group of Chinese immigrant was warm hence encouraged more to move in, unfavorable political states back in china made some individuals to move to united states of America.

According to Wu, 1993 it is evident from the interview that despite facing numerous challenges and hardships the Chinese immigrant did have positive impact in the country. They did provide numerous sectors with labor. For instance, during Gold Rush in California, the industry received a good number of employees. Other sectors that enjoyed Chinese labor force are domestic service, cigarette making, boots and shoe making, agriculture, laundry, carpentry among others. It is worth noting that all these helped in development and growth of economy.

Additionally, the immigrant after working in these various sectors amassed resources allowing them to invest in various business entities such as restaurant. This in turned played a vital role in providing citizens with employment opportunities. It is even apparent that they help in shaping American culture. Additionally, their arrival did help the American government in developing immigration policies that are admired globally. Another example as suggested by Wu, 1993 is that Chinese "customs, food, dress, art, and their voices have been added to the Nation of Immigrants to create the unique melting pot experience of the United States". Immigrants also play an important role by increasing the market size of products and commodities produced locally. This has lead to the growth of income since government revenues, firm sizes and employment opportunities have increased.

On the other hand, their movement is associated with several problems such as over population. This has put pressure to the existing infrastructure. There are social problems such as gambling, prostitution as well as substance abuse linked to immigration of Chinese (Cassel, 2002). The interviewee held that there is need to continue with strategies of accepting Chinese who will migrate legally. The benefits brought by immigration warrants taking of necessary steps of preventing illegal migration.


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