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Communication Needs

The video depicts issues, which arise when refugee health practitioners are recruited as doctors in foreign nations. Cultural differences and language barriers are not as an issue when it comes to the delivery of service. For instance, the interaction between colleagues and patients varies from nation to nation, and what may seem like an ordinary gesture in one culture may seem rude in another. Therefore, creating awareness programs can aid bridge this gap and help improve the interaction.

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This video depicts poor telephone etiquette. The secretary does not show professional expertise in her interaction with the patient. For instance, she holds a patient without first having to hear what the concern is or the reason for calling. Professional privacy is another concept the secretary undermines. Health practitioners need to foster the confidentiality of their patients and practice proper etiquette in communicating with them.

Scheduling Patients

Patient scheduling is a global problem, and in the video, it is estimated that, on average, a patient waits for about 22 minutes, and in some cases, it can extend up to hours. The problem of scheduling may be out of the hands of patients or doctors. However, it is essential to maintain proficiency in the delivery of service. For instance, doctors can ensure they are not tied by personal stuff when they have patient appointments.

Medical Records

The video presents the case of a misfile that occurred in the records of four patients. According to the report, the patient noted that she found records of medical treatment that she had never received. This presents an issue for all institutions that have adopted a paperless system in their storage system. Thus, hospitals that use this system need to be extra cautious. For instance, a backup system can be set to safeguard any compromise done on their network.

Billing and Collection

Debt collection has helped institutions recover their money. However, the approaches that debt collectors employ in the collection of funds has proven unethical for many cases. Several debt collection practices are violated, such as insulting debtors, calling them at night, and threatening them. Therefore, debt collectors need to adhere to the set policies on how to be professional in their practices.

Privacy Concern

The video presents a case of identity theft, where patients became victims of theft. The main concern is when and where is one obligated to provide his/her social security number. Many patients became victims without knowing where the breach came from until the detectives note that all of them tend to share the same health facility. There is, therefore, a need to create awareness among patients on when and where they should give their social security numbers. Patients should maintain good privacy practices, such as changing passwords.

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Medical Records

A privacy breach is an issue that can jeopardize the information of patients, and as the world becomes more digitalized, the more there will be cases of violation. The video examines what qualifies as a privacy breach using a healthcare breach case. The boundary of what qualifies to be a privacy breach and what is not seems blurred. There is, therefore, a need to create awareness to the public about a privacy breach.

Licensure and Certification

The Hippocratic Oath is a guiding principle, which depicts that physicians must, at all times, adhere to their duties regardless of who the patient is. The video presents a dilemma that can violate the principles of the doctors if their creed is not respected. Although the serial killer was to die in five days, the doctor did not have a choice over when he should die, and whether he chooses to donate his organs. The decision to treat him as a typical patient was, therefore, the right call.

Medical Law

The video presents a case of a doctor who extorts money from his patients by misdiagnosing them with cancer. This is a form of theft, where a doctor steals from his patients and ruins their life. As a practitioner in this doctor's office, I would recommend any patient to get a second opinion to confirm the case before proceeding with the treatment. This can help eliminate the chance of falling a victim of misdiagnosis.

Death and Dignity

The issue of death and dignity is full of controversy since, on the one hand, it is essential to preserve life, while on the other hand, suffering can create the need for a dignified death, where people should choose how they should die. Only in severe conditions should this be made an option when all other options have been exhausted, and the patient cannot be saved.

Embryonic Stem Cell Controversy

The controversy in this video helps save the life of a child who could not have survived if the procedure had not been undertaken. Different faiths have their concerns about experimenting on a human embryo. However, it is crucial to think about preserving the present life. It is not right to let a person suffer when there is an option that can save his/her life. The line between science and religion should not tangle when it comes to protecting life.

The 4C's

The 4Cs are an excellent approach that physicians can employ to bridge the cultural gap between their patients and themselves. People hold different beliefs about a practice that is different from their culture and will reject it if it violates their beliefs. However, the 4Cs can be used to create a way on how to link the two sides. For instance, the video shows how a western doctor can connect to an Asian patient and overcome the barriers created by culture.


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