Free Importance of Healthy Eating Essay Sample

Food can be described as any substance ingested in order to sustain life. It can be in the form of liquid or solid, but one thing that is common is that foods promote life and provide energy to bodies of a human being and animal. Food contains or consists of essential body nutrients, such as fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins. In other word, eating is part of human’s lifestyle, and people have gone ahead to make their lives more comfortable by ensuring they eat healthily. Apart from enjoying the taste in foods, nutritious food is known to keep the body strong, and, therefore, preventing it from diseases by boosting its immune system. Some people eat food for pleasure of enjoying the taste while other used food as their comforter during stressing times. However, one thing that is clear is that food is essential to human life, and people cannot live without food.

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Personally, I believe that different types of food describe different cultures and customs. According to Angelou, food evokes emotions and brings joy when one is guaranteed of food security. Scientists have proven that there is a connection between emotions and food. In other words, the hypothalamus which regulates, hunger, and satiety has a connection with the limbic system which controls emotions. It is said that he satisfactory that is aided by food security reduces twenty percent of stress, depression or any other mental condition. For a healthy meal, doctors recommend foods with average calorie count in order to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high-blood pressure and other conditions. In addition to this, it means that human life durance is prolonged by consciousness in food taken.

Sited on the dinning table one could hear the voices of the conversation between Ruth, Ken and Mary as they prepare a meal in the kitchen. It’s on 16th October; the food day as people recognizes it. It is remembered as the day that food and agriculture organization was founded. Mary is the chef, while Ken and Ruth prepare the ingredients required in the meal. Ruth says, “I prefer chapatti to rice, I wonder how boring the world would be if there was no chapatti let alone food’. Mary responds by saying “you are kidding, right? I thought you would be saying something like spaghetti or ugali. “Don’t worry today you will have a taste of my recipe, I promise you will crack plate trying to scrub the soup left on the late. From a distance, you can see Mary spooning Ken asking him to confirm if the food is as tasty as it smells. “Wow! The food is just fantastic, I doubt if I ever tasting a meal that is this delicious”. By the look on Ken’s face, one can tell that the food is delicious.

The food prepared are Burgundy Beef and Vegetable Stew. The ingredients are baby carrots, garlic, frozen sugar, cornstarch dissolved in water, pepper, salt, vegetable oil, thyme leaves, onions, grape juice and beef. Mixing the ingredient is not a problem, mixing the required quantities is the challenge in preparation of this food. It takes on to one and a half hour for the food to be ready to serve. Just by the smell, one can tell how nutritious and tasty Burgundy Beef and Vegetable Stew are. A healthy food is identified by the nutrients it give to the body and the total calories count it has while, on the other hand, cook with cholesterol free oil.

In conclusion, it is evident that food is part of our lifestyle, and that humans cannot live without food. Additionally, a lovely meal makes life pleasurable and fascinating.


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