Free Human Nature and Politics Essay Sample

a.“It is evident why a human being is more of a political animal than is any bee or any gregarious animal.”

Nature has endowed man as the only animal with the gift to speak characteristic of having a sense of good or bad, thus able to make a family and a state. Here, a political animal means that man has the nature to live in a polis and not in isolated groups.

b.‘For nature, we say, does nothing pointlessly, and a human being is the only animal with rational discourse.”

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Nature here is the principle of development and nature makes things develop in a certain way. Rational discourse requires intellectual honest and it is only exhibited by human beings who can follow facts to lead up to something.a

c.“A voice signifies pleasure and pain, and so the other animals, as well as human beings, have it, since their nature is far enough advanced for them to perceive pleasure and pain and to signify them to one another.  But rational discourse is for making clear what is expedient or harmful, and hence what is just or unjust.”

Unlike other animals, human beings are able to ‘talk’ to each other. The natural goal of human development is to be together in the natural state rather than the original state. Pleasure is human way of advocating life by the people who see happiness.

d.“For this is distinctive of human beings in contrast to the other animals, that thy are the only ones with a perception of good and evil, and of just and unjust, and so on;”

All human actions are for the sake of good which human beings aim. Man unlike other animals is able to make the difference between good and evil. Human beings will therefore act to which they think is good as they are established with a view to some good.

e.“And it is community in these that produces a household and a city.”

The natural state of a human animal is civilization and the natural goal of human development is life in cities. Human beings establish states or communities which aim at a political community and in that way establishing a household.


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