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This is an interview with Robert Mills the sole proprietor of where he has contracts with Engines Distributor wholesale. The customers order the engines from the business website whereas the transactions are facilitated by use of electronic signatures that are legally recognized. Before undertaking a contract formation, Robert gathers all the important information on the market choices that exist. He then evaluates the risk of a proposed exchange so that he may get into the right contract with the right parties.

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A customer is given all information regarding the costs of the contact and taxes involved. The interests of the customer are regarded as top priority but they have to conform to legal requirements by the government. The close of the contract is marked by the signing by both parties and delivery of the goods to the required person.  In order to protect the business from liabilities, Robert conforms to all legal implications of the contract. He also obtains advice from other professionals, insures his business and remains amicable to the customers.

He hires his employees from professional employment agencies who undertake the related employment laws. They also instill a sense of responsibility into the employees who work within the terms of contract. The employees are taught on how to avoid conflict of interest because it may impede the business. Robert does not allow discrimination to take place in the business regardless of the race, colour nationality, gender or age. The employees are entitled to parental rights, antenatal care, maternity leave, health, trade unions and safety at work.  Robert updates his knowledge on law by seeking expert advice and information from internet sources. Once he realizes the changes, he changes his business activities accordingly.


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