Free Global Workplace Standards Essay Sample

The realization of global standards in the workplace is very essential in growth and development of an industry. The current trends in which interviews are implemented and carried out play a crucial role in determining the achievements of these working standards. Lots of organizations are faced with the challenge of implementing effective interviewing strategies which would enable them to recruit the required workforce to foresee their desired goals. An organization’s human resource entails the most valuable resource of that organization. Thus, the proper running of this portion of the organization is essential.  This is particularly proper for multinational companies, which my organization falls under, as they recruit employees of diverse cultural and ethical backgrounds and who come from different countries. The organization’s human resource is faced with the challenge of recruiting diverse talent that can initiate novel ideas, views and perspectives in their operations. This is brought out as a result of workplace diversity predicaments that include; educational background, religious beliefs, work experience, age and gender.

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Organizations need to take this matter seriously and handle it with care. The interview strategies define the kind of workforce required and recruited in an organization. Thus, its implementation constitutes one of the most fundamental goals of an organization. Faced with these similar problems, my organization would tackle these issues with interview strategies that cut across the borderlines. As the person in charge of creating the interview strategy, I would enlist a “Think Global, Act Local” move towards the implementation of the interview strategy. This would ensure the recruitment of the required workforce in the organization. The form of interview strategy to be employed would be the case interview.

Case interview strategy involves discussions on bona fide or hypothetical issues that affect the current organizations. This discussion takes place between the interviewer and the applicant. This process enables the interviewer to evaluate the applicant’s people skills and logical views in tackling practical situations. This strategy enables the interviewer to learn more about the way an applicant thinks and handles problems. The main concern of the interviewer is in the applicant’s ability, analytical application of his or her knowledge obtained from work experience and education, creativity and proficiency in broad-spectrum business. Therefore, problem management is viewed as a learnable proficiency which is usually autonomous of an applicant’s expertise in an organization. With regard to these particulars, the interviewer is informed on the prospective requirements on which the organization should endow for advanced development in order to capture productive rewards. The main idea of this strategy is the analysis of the method employed in handling a problem and not answers to the problem. The interview is interactive to enable the applicant to express his or her views properly.

To implement this strategy, a structured approach would be developed in order to handle the issues affecting the organization. The approach involves systematic procedures that are well labeled and clearly outlined in handling the organization’s predicaments. This structure enables both the applicant and the interviewer to make progress in their discussion. Furthermore, the structure exposes the thinking of both parties in handling the outlined organization’s setbacks. From a realistic view, the overall procedure, structure and approach makes the interview strategy valuable for the applicant, interviewer and the organization.  The procedures involved in this strategy include:

a) Identification of the setback

The applicant may be presented with a situation such as depreciating profits, declining market or how to develop a business. The candidate is then engaged in a discussion that is intended to evaluate his or her analysis of these situations. The setback is thoroughly evaluated and discussed so as to make the applicant to have a first-hand notion of the real issue. The main idea is to identify with the applicants unique handling of the issue at hand and the kind of skills he or she possesses that are essential in the effective handling of matters pertaining to the success of the organization. 

b) Analysis of the setback

While the discussion progresses, the interviewer centers on a particular aspect, as much as the genuine setback may be multi-dimensional. This enables the applicant to articulate the ways in which that given aspect would be handled. This intends to evaluate the method employed by the applicant. The interviewer may further engage the applicant in analyzing other similar aspects so as to familiarize with the candidate’s thinking by providing information. This process also evaluates the candidate’s ability to adhere to the interviewer’s lead.

c) Formulation of alternatives

The discussion acted to bring out the applicant’s thoughts and analysis on the given setbacks. This step intends to evaluate the candidate’s procedure of identifying prospective solutions. The methods enlisted by the candidate are related to the real difficulties facing the organization. The choice of methods preferred by the candidate is keenly evaluated so as to get the intended candidate. Generally, the manner in which the candidate relates the methods of handling issues is analysed.

d) Recommendations

This entails the evaluation of the entire process. This evaluation should be based on the organization’s goals and objectives. This includes both the quantitative and qualitative objectives. The applicant’s ability and thinking skills is also analysed. The recruitment of the right candidate is done after this process.

This interview strategy would enable my organization to handle the diversity issues through the discussion between the interviewer and the applicant. Both parties are given an opportunity to interact freely and to express ideas on various issues. The diverse knowledge shared through this discussion forms the basis for recruiting the right candidate. By implementing this strategy, my organization would be presented with an opportunity to figure out its right employees prior to solving the organization’s problems. The desire of my organization to handle the issue of diversity can best be solved through this strategy.


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