Free Mexican American Essay Sample

Interview questions

1. What is your religion and how committed are you in that region?

Out of the five people I interviewed, they were all Christians with three of them attending the Catholic Church while two were Protestants. The participants said that they were committed in their religion by obeying the church doctrines and conducting Christian marriages.

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2. What form of education do you have?

In Texas, people get formal education where children are supposed to go to school till they reach grade six. There are private and public schools where the poor can only afford the free schools and the rich are the ones who have access to the private schools.

3. Where do you work and what job do you do?

Agriculture is the main source of employment in Texas. Few people are self-employed in businesses and others do menial jobs. Some work in offices as managers, secretaries or clerks.

4. Does age have any implication to the people of Texas?

Age determines things like school going where one cannot be in school beyond the age of ten years.

5. What do people of Texas term as community?

To the people of Texas, a community is made up of people living in one place who share common histories.


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