Free Performance Interview between Manager and Employee at Barneys New York Essay Sample

Barneys New York is a luxury department store that deals mostly with women’s ware including clothing, jewelry, beauty and footwear. The manager of the department store is Istithmar World who is also the owner. Sasha is a young lady, an employee at the Barneys New York store and she is very hard working with excellent work since she is a professional in dress and manner. However, she has what other employees refer to as ‘mommy problem’. She always has excuses that make her not available at the department most of the time; one of her children is sick, her husband is out of town and so on. She was then called into the private room of Mr. Istithmar who is the manager for an interview where she had to explain all her problems in order for them to try to solve them.

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  1. Interviewer: Morning Sasha, please come in and have a seat (as he points on a chair)
  2. Interviewee: thank you sir, its nice to see you this wonderful sunny day (she greets him and takes a seat)
  3. Er: yeah, it is another wonderful day that God has made for us. You look good!
  4. Ee: thank you very much, your office looks brilliant today, I have not been in since it was renovated.
  5. Er: thanks, it is beautiful the missioners did a wonderful job.
  6. 6.      Ee: I see, they are worthy to be complimented

Discussion of performance

  1. Er: Okay let us now embark on business (as he opens a file) when I look at my records, is see you are a very hardworking woman with great performance, your job is excellent
  2. Ee: thank you very much
  3. Er: however, your record of attendance does not look good, what is really the problem
  4. Ee: sir, I’ am sorry for that, actually am a woman with lots of problems, I do not understand why. My home is in a mess and I am trying to mend it up, my little baby is frequently sick, my husband seems to be irresponsible to some extent, my…….(she is cut short)
  5. Er: that is enough, do you know the performance of this company depends on the commitment of you (the employees). How can you fail your duty at work and at the same time you fail to satisfy your own responsibilities as a parent, why do you seem to be tardiness with your job?
  6. Ee: am really sorry for that sir

Decision for discipline

  1. Er: according to the organizational policies, any hardworking employee with perfect performance should be motivated and encouraged with a promotion. However, you have broken some key rules of the company by missing to meet the organizational goals. In other words, your behaviors are not coinciding with the requirements of the organization. Your relation with the other employee has faded away because they feel you are becoming irresponsible.
  2. Ee: am really sorry sir for that, I promise to change and obey all the rules and policies of the company
  3. Er: according to the principles of the Berneys New York, failing to be responsible with your job means either you be sacked or punished in one way or the other but due to your good efforts and excellent job I am not going to punish you but the promotion you were to get will be held for a while as we continue monitoring your performance
  4. Ee: okay sir, no problem I’ am very grateful for your consideration and understanding. I promise to change.

Setting of new goals and actions

  1. Er: one thing you have to understand is that you are a mother and you are also an employee here. Your children need your concern and the organization needs your services, therefore, you ought to be committed to both. Settle down and gage yourself, come up with the best schedule that will help you balance the two responsibilities.
  2. Ee: okay sir, I will do that
  3. Er: we sat down as the organizational committee and decided to forgive you for the last time but you need to know that this is the last warning. No lateness at work, no absenteeism, you must coordinate well with your colleagues, you must meet your targets at work and you must produce positive results at work if you are to stay. if that won’t happen, then there won’t be looking back
  4. Ee: sure sir, I have marked your words
  5. Er: maybe if I help you, I’ am also a man of responsibilities, am a family person but am able to balance both the home and work responsibilities because am focused and I have my personal schedule which I must obey. When am needed here, I must be here, home time is home time, do you understand?
  6. Ee: Yes, Sir I’ am grateful for your advice and I promise, next time you call me here we will be talking something positive and I must fight hard to get the promotion.


  1. Er: thanks for assurance. Note that you must keep your word (as he smiles)
  2. Ee: of course, I have to and I must be responsible in both situations. I will have to follow your advice very keenly and I believe it will work out.
  3. Er: you much welcome, I wish you all the best (as he stretches his hand to greet her)
  4. Ee: thanks a lot (as she greets him)
  5. Ee: okay you are now free to embark on your job, I wish you a nice day
  6. Ee: thank you very much sir, I also wish you a nice day (as she stands to leave).

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