Free Primus Venture Partners Ohio Essay Sample

Keith Kerman is the manager as well as a founder of Primus Venture Partners in Ohio. The partners offer various services of recreation such as skiing and skating, fishing, camping and private partying and also swimming. This enterprise is a profit making organization according to the managing director. Keith obtained his masters degree in GeorgeWashingtonUniversity. Keith has got a doctorate degree since he obtained his MBA from the Wharton School of Pennsylvania University.

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Planning of procedures within this recreational facility is systematic. For instance, if a group or a family wants to carry out some private partying or camping, the first step is to decide on the best place to do it. There is a guideline which enables individual to make a sound decision that is in a position to serve their needs. Upon making a decision, they then proceed to notify the company through its agents. The feedback to the customer is always prompt, as a way of retaining the existing ones, as well as attracting new customers. This applies in the entire enterprise of recreation.

The managing directors’ main objective is to ensure that its customers obtain the best services possible. The company has incorporated over three thousand employees. Such employees are chosen according to their degree qualifications and more so experience. Once chosen as the most viable applicants, the company goes further to educate the newly recruited staff in its vestibules. This basis of employment is to enhance that customers obtained best services ever, from the experts. Competition being an outstanding challenge in the recreational enterprise, the manager strives to handle the challenge and take it as an opportunity of prosperity. Just as any enterprise, this company strives to outstand in the competitive market. Democratic style is widely embraced. In addition, highly competent staff members are distributed to all fields since this commercial recreational facility attracts visitors from all over the world.

Decision making are always crucial and prefers handle with care. In making such decisions, this enterprise incorporates its customers, members of staff and also consults other excelling enterprises in the world. This statement therefore implies that appropriate decisions are made that suits all kinds of people in the field of business. Employees work in shifts and each individual takes at least six hours and thrice a week. It’s only through there involvement by the manager in decision making process that they reach an assumption of the maximum number of hours one is entitled to work.

Due to a wide coverage of this enterprise, the management has embraced the use of modern technology. Marketing of services is widely done using the internet. Furthermore, employees are communicated to through the use of internet which is fast and more reliable. Most of the clients are served online since the recreation facility is modern and attracts customers all over the world.

Primus Venture enterprises are very keen in articulating the interests of its employees. Good reward packages are given to employees with outstanding performances. Such motivations involve public recognition. Names of the hardworking employees are published in the magazines and in the internet for public access. Promotions are also another way of motivating the employees. In most instances, promotion involves increase in individual’s salary and also rise in the rank held.

Primus Venture has positively responded to the society needs. Employment opportunities are provided to the public thus improving their standards of living. Environmental conservation has also been prioritized.

From the study of the Primus Venture enterprises, some of the lessons learned include discipline, dedication and being focused. The company’s staff ensures that they excel by being discipline and fully dedicated towards delivery of services. In addition, their acts of working as a whole has enabled them work towards common objectives of quality production of services and in ensuring profitability.


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