Free Selection Process during Interview Essay Sample

There are six steps of the employee selection progress and one may seem more important than the other. The steps are: the preliminary screening of the available applications, the interview, the adjacent tests, the reference and recommendation checks, the decision of the final selection and the physical pr psychical examination, depending on the job. Even though they are all important due to their contribution to the final step of choosing the employee, the employment interview step has to be the one that weighs the most.

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When facing the situation of needing to find a job, one has to prove that he or she possesses the strengths and traits needed for the position. Most commonly, they manage to do this by presenting themselves to the interview and making a very good impression. In my opinion, the interview is the most important part of the employee selection process because that is the first moment when the employer meets the possible employee. This is a crucial moment for both of them. On one side, the candidate needs to focus on the questions of the employer and try to give accurate and concise answers. On the other hand, the employer has to know exactly what he wants in his new employee, thus making the decision process difficult.

Although passing tests and reference tests are important as well, managing to overcome the stressful moment of an interview is definitely something to take into consideration. Apart from finding the right things to say, one needs to act and appear to be professional. After all, the first thing an employer sees is the outfit of the candidate, which has a great influence on what he might decide later on. Therefore, the employment interview is a vital element of the selection process because it is the manner in which the candidate and the employer meet and come to a decision about the job.


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