Free As told by Randy Steidl Essay Sample

The story as told by Randy Steidl was really sad. Randy Steidl and Herb Whitlock were wrongfully arrested for murder of Dyke and Karen Rhodes, in a small town of Paris, Illinois. Mr. Whitlock was not there to tell his side of the story that I wish to have heard. Randy Steidl's position was clearly defined by the look on his face and the sadness in the tone of his voice. He has a feeling that the legal system was unjust to him.

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Steidl was seriously hurt by the fact that he grew up in a family that were second and third generation law enforcers yet he had to undergo such humiliation; his brother was the time a police officer. Steidl was publicly embarrassed when a man who had employed Karen approached him in a bar and suspiciously offered a reward for any information on the murder of Karen Rhodes. Before long, Steidl was taken up by five police officers and taken to a police station for questioning and later arrested for murder of Karen Rhodes and her husband.

While in custody his brother, the police officer visiting, yelled at him "the police do not arrest innocent people." From the tone in his voice one could tell that Steidl was deeply hurt by the occurrences. It is clear that Steidl will never forget the pain he suffered from his public embarrassment and the disbelief of his brother. I think that whatever happened terribly affected the families involved and the determination of everyone not to quit was very inspiring.


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