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Crime investigation is a process of gathering enough evidence of a crime that has been committed. The ultimate goal of gathering evidence is to determine the truth on how the crime occurred hence look for possible solutions.

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Crime scene investigation

Police officers have powers of investigating criminal through following certain techniques to get the criminal. Patrol Investigation Policy is a policy designed to outline the procedures for patrol personnel when dealing with patrol investigations. Therefore, patrol officers should be given the responsibility of investigating the crime in order to gather enough evidence which will be used to get the criminals.

Evidence collection

Physical evidence is the most convincing evidence because it establishes its own reliability basis. Police and prosecutors can build cases when using physical evidence. In the homicide case, evidence can be evaluated and linked with a crime suspect. Evidence can either be individual or class characteristics. Individual evidence like footprints and finger prints can be used to detect the criminal.

Suspected blood stains should be photographed or measured and if possible the suspected blood stain should be taken and sampled. Victims should be examined and report submitted and fingernail scrapings of victims should be used by a medical doctor to investigate the crime.DNA test is important because blood or hair may give an evidence in a case where crime has occurred.

The investigator should photograph the print when collecting patent prints and encountered items found in the rooms like handguns. Evidence technicians may take investigators where the scene occurred and investigators should begin each role of film with a photograph.

Interviewing and questioning witnesses

The investigator should interview prospective witnesses. They should be questioned on what they saw or heard, what they can recall or what they can testify. Interviews and questions should be structured to cover all factors for instance; what was the witness doing when the crime took place? What was the time when crime took place? Can the witness remember and describe the events?

Surveillance methods and undercover operations

Surveillance measures and undercover operations should be struck between the privacy right of an individual and that of state to investigate serious criminals. For instance use of tracking devices. Interception, monitoring and communication network systems should be available. Special investigation methods like electronic surveillance and undercover operations should be within domestic framework.


Criminal investigators carry the responsibilities of gathering evidence and give it to the prosecutor to present it in court. The investigator helps the prosecutor to compile the facts in the case and thereby provide the testimony if needed.


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