Free Moody Picture Analysis Essay Sample

This paper will appropriately try to explore the circumstances and happenings that a picture displays. A man is lying in bed on the far end or background of the picture with his front part of the body facing upwards but his head facing away from the scene. The woman, who is present at the scene, is trying to hide her face from the man covering her face as she leans on a wall away from the man. The picture is in a small room with only one window. The room might be bigger or just part of a bigger house in the picture’s contextual scene. The woman is in a long dress or robe that touches the floor covering almost the entire body from the neck to the toe except for the hands that she uses to cover her face, left hand and the right hand, used to support her leaning body. Sheets are used to cover the man lying on the bed but only covering half of his chest with the other one.

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The picture is in a precisely moody environment that either aggravated by the actions of a man, woman or a third party, which is not only a person, but also a situation that fuels or worsens the one that is already at hand. There might also be a culmination of events that reached or hit a climax and led to the both characters being overwhelmed with the factors that aggregated the whole situation in the picture. There is an originality of the factors that resulted to the actual event portrayed in the picture. Both the man and the woman are in “different worlds” and each of them having the same, different or mixed feelings that cause the mood of the situation to change. A series of events is associated with the real situation that the picture captures or just a single one that may have brewed various reactions from the parties. If it is a single reason that has its roots in the event, then it must be of high priority to the welfare of the characters.

The event in the picture is somehow escorted by a saddening circumstance or issue that has risen between the characters. Their encounter with such a problem has a high probability that it is embedded in their social relations between them or with other people or things. This can be an illness that has succumbed to the deterioration of the man’s health or even death. The posture that the man adopts as he lies in bed shows that he may not be conscious of his surrounding (unconscious), or he is in disgust or discomfort. There is a possibility of the event having a shocking experience to the woman. The man is the source of the woman’s grief.

At this moment, the man is lying in bed with his head facing away from the eyes of the onlooker with only part of his chest being covered. This might be a case of heart attack or health related problems. The possible explanation is that the woman was trying to revive the man by pressing his chest while he had breathing problems before he died. The woman notices that her husband is dead, pulls away from him and takes a moment next to the wall. With one hand, she covers her face and the other reaching for a prop connected to the wall to hold her up. If the man is not dead, then he is critical condition and the woman reaches for the emergency alarm (prop) as she cries.

The woman is saddened and traumatized by the situation while the man must be either in pain or unconscious. The woman seems devastated, overwhelmed helpless, weak and having an emotional trauma. Covering her face shows her shying away from the real situation. The man is helpless and “out of this world”. He either does not recognize his surroundings totally or just a little. This is evident as his head is skewed on the left side of the divan

The outcome is prearranged by the sequence of actions that have led to the character’s current situation. There are related perspectives that are complementary whereby there is a high probability that the man is dead and is afterwards taken to the morgue or burial site. On the other hand, the he was taken to hospital for treatment after medics reacted to the emergency alarm. This results in the separation of the two either permanently by death or temporarily by health problems that the man had.


The picture shows clarity of a moody situation that has an emotional effect to the woman and a physical effect to the man. The characters have a shared problem affecting both of them. The health of man is the origin of the whole story that the picture displays.


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