Free United States Supreme Court Essay Sample

Over the years, United States courts have gradually developed to be among the reliable judicial systems in the world. The court system in United States branches to the federal court system and the state government. In addition to this, each of these branches is sovereign of the legislative and executive branches of the government. This dual court system dates back to the colonial times. However, according to the constitution of United States all the thirteen states are mandated to establish their own judicial systems.

In United States, the Supreme Court has been remarkably successful in fulfilling its role by solving many of the international cases, and settling the local cases. This is because the Supreme Court consists of a bench of qualified judges, who are well versed with the rules that administer individuals appropriately, and magistrates who also contain the necessary skills to tackle the diverse cases that are presented daily in the court. Because of the genuine nature of the judges and the magistrates that are in the Supreme Court, most of the nations prefer presenting their various cases to this court since they have trust in the court and believe that their cases will be handled promptly to satisfy their needs to the satisfactory limit.

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Additionally, most of the cases, solved from the supreme courts, have been ranked as the best option ever to be undertaken by the judges in the court. Most of the people in the cases are satisfied with the ruling of the judges and the magistrates. By this, it is obvious that the Supreme Court is gaining faith from the people. Having no complains is a sign of the confidence people has for the system. In other words, the Supreme Court has allowed people with complain and frustrations to forward their cases in order to restore justice in society. The major role of the Court, which is enhancing peace by offering justice to the oppressed in the society, has been achieved to the fullest. This is because the court contains judges and magistrates who commit themselves to offering adequate services to the local citizens of America.

The decision, made by the judge in the supreme courts, is truly just and fair since it is not from a single mind of one judge but it is by a collection of the judges in combination with the magistrates to make sure that the verdict does not favor the defendant and the prosecutor. This is extremely essential since the decision, made by the judges, concerning any given case, is the ultimate step in the conclusion of the conflicts between the two rivals. Moreover, it is then true to state that the Supreme Court in one way or another does fulfill the role that is to accomplish since it solves various cases, concerning the conflict between the local Americans and the neighboring nations.

For instance, in the year 1967, February 6th, the Supreme Court was able to solve the case of the interracial marriage, titled Loving V. Virginia. The marriage between the couple, which was made up of Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving was denied because Richard was a white slave and Mildred was not, thus, the marriage was against the racial integrity act that denied the marriage between white people and black. Mildred was black and Richard was white, so the judge in Virginia denied the marriage proposal and sentenced Richard to prison. However, after appealing the case in the Supreme Court, the couple was able to marry.

The people in the United States and the entire America have received and experienced equal protection from the law since the Supreme Court has been able to enact rules that people should follow strictly, while living together as friends and one family in unity. The Supreme Court has several judges and magistrates who make sure that all the diverse cases that are in the court are well dealt with, and a fair and just ruling are given to both the defendant and the protestant.

This is the main benefit that the people in the United States and the entire America have been experiencing from the presence of the Supreme Court in its position. Basing on the fact that the supreme courts have been able to give fair and just ruling to all the various and diverse cases that have been reported by the Americans, the Supreme Court has enabled to reduce the availability of criminals and terrorists in America since all the people who have been found out to have broken the law in any given manner sent to prisons, or rehabilitations centers to make sure that they refrain from the wrong character of breaking the law, making the people, living in America, have a difficult in adapting to the normal daily operations in their services and their places of work.

The Supreme Court in the United State has made it possible for all the citizens, living in America, to receive equal protection of the law. For instance, in the Plessy case, the blacks were being mistreated by the whites by denying them various public resources of the government. The black experienced severe prejudice and discrimination from the whites, especially in the duration between the years of 1861 to 1865 before the Supreme Court passed the law to protect the black from prejudice, they received from the whites.

The key aim of the constitution is to ensure that the government is running smoothly and that people are receiving fair and just treatment from the leaders. This is to imply that the constitution should be referred to make sure that it is being followed to the latter by the citizens without any setbacks whatsoever the case at hand. This clearly illustrates that the constitution should be used to ensure that the ruling that it provides are favorable to all citizens, regardless of the title that the individuals contain in any of the government offices.

Therefore, the constitution should not be changed to significant people and used to favor the privileged people in the society, in terms of the wealth they contain, but should be judged in a fair and just manner. As a result, the documentation of the constitution should be maintained and be interpreted in a similar manner to every citizen of U.S. since they all disserve the same treatment, even though the class might be different. This is vividly illustrated by the ruling of the Supreme Court that was enforced, concerning the case of imprisonment of the one hundred and ten thousand Japanese by the federal police because they were not ancient Americans in the United States. The constitution was not altered to favor the Americans who wanted the Japanese to evacuate from America because of the racial differences.

Since the constitution entails written information that is documented to allow the government of the specific nation to run the nation in a smooth and appropriate manner, the rules and regulations, which are found in the document and is referred to as the constitution, are normally written by specialists who are members of the given nation since they are the ones that know the history and the norms of that nation. Basing on the facts that entail the documents of the constitution, it is, then, vivid to state that writingof the document should not be interfered with at all times, even in times of war or any other given time since they are rules that are used to govern the given nation, thus, should at all times be maintained by the government that is the main body of a nation. 


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