Free Leadership Skills for the Criminal Justice Professional Essay Sample

The criminal justice system just like any other organization also employs leadership and management to help in guiding the system. Due to the size and complexity of the Criminal justice system, its leadership has to be enriched with specialized skills which have to be developed by all the criminal justice professionals not just in their line of carrier but also in their personal lives. Leadership in the criminal justice system entails the leadership span of control, styles and command. Such kind of leadership has to observe virtues and ethics in order to attain the common goals set by the system and understand its roles helping each involved leader to be imperative to avoid complication.

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Leaders in such a professional are expected to develop a variety of skills with the most essential ones being dedication, commitment and an attitude that is ready to take risks. It is also important for the leaders to have better learning and communication skills which are crucial in performing their tasks. Such kind of professional expects its leaders to be task oriented, responsible and persistent in their goals with confidence, initiative, smart and sound skills when it comes to decision making, self reliant and socially adept.  Criminal justice schools help the leaders develop skills such as being highly observant, have an ethical sensibility that is strong, poses the interest of promoting justice, be quick thinkers and be in a position to handle any form of stress coming from work or their personal lives.

Strong ethical sensibility is essential for the leaders as their professional expects them to promote and ensure the laws are adhered to at the same time preventing law-breaking. They are faced with the role of determining the consequences for the law breakers. The leaders are also expected to have interests in promoting justice as they enforce and uphold the criminal justice system tenets thus they have to believe and respect the same system. Being highly observant is also desirable among the leaders so that they be better placed to notice the slightest changes in suspects, criminals and those under their supervision. The leaders are also expected to inspire confidence as they play a central role in the communities they represent. Communication and learning skills are paramount in order to successed as a leader in the criminal justice professional. This is because such leaders should use this skills in giving suggestions to the employees, be able to explain clearly any legal issues and give clear orders to their authority. Thus they are expected to speak with confidence and effectively with authority. The ability to think quickly is of great importance as decision making in this field must be made quickly. Hence to be effective in their actions, the leaders have to have the ability to assess and make decisions on any situation and have a recommended course of action ready. It is to the safety and interest of the public that such decisions have to be made as quickly and effective as possible.

Virtues and ethics are very important in criminal justice leadership as it will enable the leaders make good and professional choices while conducting their work. Morals and ethics give the leaders a sense of direct decision making and guide their judgment which is an important contribution in their line of work. The leaders also rely on these ethics and virtues as standards that guide them when faced with unseal situations as well as their routine work. Thus the virtues and ethical in the criminal justice professional have been appreciated as being important in ensuring that the desirable culture and spirit of the system does not descend into anarchy and maintains a good image to the public.


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