Free Criminal Justice Agency Essay Sample

Many criminal agencies are structured and organized in a way that resembles the hierarchical structure of the military. Each department has its own organized chain of command. These individual sections are then link to a general umbrella of a general management that is has that overall commander who can either be chief or a head judge. The overall head of the agency make the policies and the general administrative rules that govern the agency. For along period of time the government of the United State has been trying to professionalize the criminal agencies and the police force in general as it has been faced by serious organizational related challenges that has made it ineffective in the delivery of its mandate.

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The image and values of the Agency

An important element that is vital in the criminal justice agency and that affects the organizational behavior is the ability of the agency to formulate policy statement, mission statement and purpose statement. This will act as the pivotal pillars that define the very existence of such agency. With will also act as the basis of the acceptance of the clients to be served by the agency. After the purpose and mission statements have been identified, a clear strategy on how to fulfill them has to be set. This will keep the employees on focus as they know what is expected of them. According to Melville & Cochrane Criminal justice agencies have the challenge of dealing with the diverse cultures both internally and externally. For this case they should remain dynamic and try to adjust according to changes that they raise as a result of changes in demography, changes in priority and problems of those the agency is created to serve.

Staffing Challenges

Criminal justice agencies are seriously affected by various problems among them organizational behavior. These agencies face the challenge of establishing a good working environment that will attract both current and potential employees. Currently employees are looking for a working environment that create a learning opportunities that can enable some increase  and further improve the skills of the employee. People are seeking to share the skills and values he or she has with others and get the general fulfillment and satisfaction. Criminal justice agencies seem to portray these characteristics hence making them less competitive for employees.

Managerial challenges

Managerial and administrative skills have been a challenge in the organization. The leaders of this organization many of who are not trained professionally to discharge the duties of the criminal correctional expert have failed to deliver of this making the quality of justice delivered to the citizens questionable. Many employees of these criminal agencies many of whom are correctional officers have been jailed on criminal activities. Most of these criminal offences they commit include, assaults, driving under the influence and several theft crimes. Corruption among the officers who are suppose to provide due justice to their clients as been on arise. Those individuals who fall in to committing this vice will experience the brutal hand of the those wayward officers will use excessive force and violate the due process they swore to protect the rights of their clients and the general provisions of the human rights

Cronkhite notes that there is always a general act of irresponsibility among both the correctional officers and the clients.  Normally employees working under the correctional institutions have the responsibility of holding individual against their will has they perform the duty of probation and direct the officer to limit the freedoms of their clients. Under this circumstance those clients whose freedoms are is constrained or those who are whose who become probationers don't take it kindly as they even go to an extend throwing feces and urine to these officers. They also occasionally attack their keepers. These unethical and illegal behaviors frequently provoke dehumanization of the correctional clients which result in the inappropriate and unprofessional behavior among the correctional employees.

To tackle these problems, most criminal justice agencies are trying to operate on a rational principles and administrative guidelines that that are set in an organized framework. This organized framework is aimed at enhancing free flow of communication in the various levels of leadership. The chain of command also becomes clearer among those who hold various positions of power. Strict rules and regulation have been set to be implemented in its membership. With this both the correctional officers and the client will respect each other. More recently most criminal justice agencies  are attempting to be more democratic in their style of leadership  with the aim of bring all the parties involved  to take part in the decision making process. The ultimate call is to efficiently address the needs of every individual involved.


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