Free Scottsboro: An American Tragedy Essay Sample

The Scottsboro: An American Tragedy was a case where rape allegations against the nine black boys were not true. However the youths were tried and convicted of crimes that no evidence shown they were guilty simply because they were black. This case reveals the rate of racial discrimination against the black in America during the early 20th century. Black People were denied justice by white people who dominated the jury. This is seen in the case of nine boys where they were found guilty by a group of white jury of rape accusation against two white women in the train though no evidence was provided. Worst of all the boys were denied to have counsels and when they appeal for one, ruling was biased during their next hearing. However, the boy kept on reappearing and one by one they were later one released having spent their youthful years in behind bars.

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The case propelled several reforms in the criminal justice system. After appealing the boys were allowed to have counsel in their subsequent hearing. Supreme Court later on ordered inclusion of black experts in the jury to avoid racial bigotry when making judgment. Today the legal system has changed and everyone has right to justice regardless of their color. Actually the state requires no person to be tried on capital crime without a Counsel. More so the state currently provides counsel for individuals who cannot afford private ones.

On personal views, the cases of the nine boys and the injustice that they faced was a high degree of social injustice in America. The case shows how the white people, who were the majority, denied black people their constitutional rights simply because of their color. Actually this was inhuman and ethically. All in all, the cases triggered reforms and the subsequent changes in the criminal justice system was the best condolence given to the black people of America and the nation at large by the government. 


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